Women goes in for a change before her reunion – is transformed into silver screen siren

Janet has done a remarkable job of aging gracefully, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t see room for improvement before her 40-year college reunion.

The man behind the makeover – and so many other stunning makeovers like them – is Christopher Hopkins, also known as The Makeover Guy.

Hopkins is a former entertainer-turned-hair stylist who owns an “appearance studio” in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Specializing in transformations for men and women over the age of 45, Hopkins now gets clients flying in from around the world for his services.

He explained in his YouTube caption for Janet’s video: “Janet had just started with a casting agent, and needed to keep her hair long. But not THAT long. I think we took a good 20 years off.”

Not only is Janet going to be the youngest looking attendee at her college reunion, but she no-doubt opened up a whole new slew of roles for herself with her new look.

The makeover is truly beautiful. And luckily, she loved it, saying the new look was beyond her wildest dreams.

While they got rid of all of Janet’s grey color, she needed to keep some length for an upcoming casting appointment. Still, it looks like a good 4-6 inches came off.

Then, Hopkins’ colorist then announced that they were going to turn Janet into a strawberry blonde.

And she was thrilled with the new hue:

“I’m very pleased with the color because it’s not shockingly different, but it’s very updated.”

We think it’s a pretty big change!

Not only is there no more top-and-bottom division between her colors, but her highlights and lowlights give perfect dimension to her hair where there previously was none.

Shots from the day left watchers guessing what the final outcome would be.

But aside from the hair transformation, Janet’s makeup got an update as well.

The stylists chose to play up her eyes and it took another decade off of her overall look. (But we have to admit she was quite lovely to begin with and her skin was already in great shape.

When The Makeover Guy turned her chair around so she could get a look at herself in the mirror, she immediately shouted: “I approve!”

“I had a wonderful time, I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon,” she said.

And commenters couldn’t get enough of her new look – which you can view in the video below:

“Wow! What an amazing makeover. She went from drab to absolutely FABULOUS! She reminds me of a glamour girl from the 50’s like Rita Hayworth comes to mind. Just doesn’t even LOOK like the same gal!”

Others said she now looks like the daughter of the women in the “before” photo.

“WOW!! What a transformation. Her ‘After’ makes her look like the daughter of her ‘Before.’ She reminds me of the silver screen goddesses of yesteryear, she is so beautiful.”

And it’s true – it’s an incredible transformation and certainly one of the more youthful looks we’ve seen from Hopkins so far. Janet truly looks decades younger.

It’s clear that Hopkins is building quite the waiting list by showing off these incredible makeovers. And he has a knack for bringing out the beauty that’s already inside of his clients.

Be sure to scroll down to see the complete makeover below!

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