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Women Proving A Haircut Can Change Everything.

This year has probably seen the least amount of hair transformations in decades.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Let’s take a look at some of the most amazing transformations you may have missed these past couple of years.

My model from Finland was a case of #ParanormalHairtivity 😱😱👻👹 she appear to have a grown out rootagé but was actually black dye at the roots!

I had to remove it and rebase with a level 6 ash while highlighting with 30vol and Olaplex and went in with 7vm Demi at rootagé with 3inch 5vr, 8vm 2inch 5vr with Violet booster on midshaft, 9vm and Violet booster with 5vr on porous ends! @kenraprofessional @olaplex #olaplex


Is that a thing…oh well, it is now🔥 Muse: @graceisanders

So give me one word to describe her new look.
I’m going to Start with Awesome
Who wants to take B , Than C

What Alopecia? It’s all in the ✂️✂️ #transformed #naturalhair #Modcut #Modcolor #modishhairstudio

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