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Wounded deer shows to a woman that she’s in pain by laying beside her.

Deers are known to be shy and easily frightened animals.

However, in December 2010, a couple who lives in a remote rural area saved one of these precious animals.

Although extremely skittish, a deer named Eva was forced to come to her human neighbors to ask for help.

Wild animals will not ask people for help often. If they do so, it must be because they genuinely need our assistance.

Mother Nature is mighty, but it also requires a helping hand from time to time. We bring you a lovely video about a deer family forming an unlikely bond with people who live nearby.

Bastian and Marlis Jermutus, the couple who owns the house and the yard, began posting YouTube videos in 2007.

Thousands of subscribers enjoy watching Bastian and Marlis sharing their lives with an entire deer herd.

Because they live in the deer’s natural habitat in Germany, it was inevitable that they would eventually come close to these magnificent animals.

Despite being able to leap meters in the air when startled, a couple of deers recognized just how harmless Bastian and Marlis are.

Little by little, one deer family befriended the couple and began visiting them regularly.

The couple met Eva when she was a week-old fawn.

Eva’s mother was an intelligent deer who visited the family every day.

That’s how Eva became interested in humans she was used to seeing so often.

Marlis became close to Eva, and the couple realized that Eva understands several English and German words she hears every day.

Marlis documented her adventures with Eva on a Deer in the Yard blog.

Interestingly, Marlis Jermutus is a well-known German artist who has exhibited her paintings worldwide.

According to Marlis, she has found peace living in nature and hanging out with deers. We believe it. Who wouldn’t want to be friends with such gentle animals?

One day, Eva came to the couple’s yard, laid down, and didn’t move for a while.

Marlis knew that something was wrong because Eva wasn’t used to staying so long in their garden.

Moreover, Eva’s children weren’t with her. When Marlis approached the deer to see what’s wrong, she saw two huge scrapes on Eva’s back.

She probably ran through the woods and scraped against some low-hanging branches.

Marlis examined the rest of Eva’s body, and everything seemed fine. The gesture of running hands through her legs, belly, and head seemed to calm Eva down.

To help Eva quickly, Marlis used Bach Flower Remedy Rescue Cream.

After applying the generous amounts of flower cream all over her wounds, Marlis saw that Eva was relieved.

The deer even gave Marlis a foot massage.

The couple was happy because they knew they’d saved Eva from further troubles with the wounds that could have infected easily. Luckily, Eva came in time and asked for help.

Sadly, the adorable Eva passed away in 2016.

The couple published the video about Eva’s passing and wrote a little note about Eva’s life.

Marlis said that Eva was an attentive mother, she loved to figure things out, and she enjoyed eating the flowers and clovers in their garden.

Rest in peace, Eva. You proved to us that true friendship knows no boundaries.

Did you know that there are over 60 different species of deers worldwide?

To make things more interesting, we have to tell you that deers are present on all continents except Antarctica.

Deers can jump up to 10 feet high, and they are excellent swimmers.

Amazingly, fawns can walk within half an hour of being born.

There is so much more to learn about these precious creatures.

Let’s inspire to take care of creatures around us and of our planet as well.

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