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Yorkie rescued from puppy mill becomes beautiful sweet dog

Puppy mills. They may seem cute. The thought of one place full of puppies just waiting for their new owners.

But they’re not. It’s more like a factory for mass assembly, instead churning out puppies without regard for the mothers and males.

The spaces are cramped with poor sanitation and care for the dogs.

It only follows that most of those dogs aren’t exactly healthy.

There are an estimated 10,000 active puppy mills in the United States alone.

Puppies are bred for profit.

The humans in charge of those facilities could care less what happens to the dogs so long as they make money out of them. Puppy mills are inhumane. Cruel.

Thank the heavens then for the men and women who actively pursue mills, rescuing as many dogs as they can.

It’s not easy and it takes a lot of money to do so. But where there’s a will, there’s a way.

This poor Yorkie was one such victim.

He was used at a puppy mill his whole life to help breed pups.

Just look how dirty and matted his fur is. Poor baby!

Imagine a life like his. Forced to live in cramp quarters, only allowed to move when he had to get a female pregnant.

And all of that with minimal food and water. Not even a shower.

A viewer named Brenda said it all,

“Let’s ban all puppy mills. There is no need, we have a major surplus of dogs and cats.

Stop the greedy people now, that is obviously why they are doing it, it is a money making business, all at the pain and distress of dogs, especially the breeding mother!

Please, lets shut them all down.”

If only it were that easy.

Look how gentle he is.

The Yorkie just lets the lady shave off all the matted fur from his body.

She goes at it with precision, slowly revealing the little dog’s body.

The woman brings out a pair of scissors which she uses to cut away any remaining strands of stubborn fur.

Now for his bangs. His eyes peep through long locks of dirty fur but once the woman snips them off, the dog’s gentle eyes come out through the darkness he once found himself in. He’s handsome!

Look at all that fur.

Once she’s done, the dog gets a shower. And that must have felt so good!

All the grime, the filth, the treatment he’d received were washed away and a new dog was born. Makeover time!

He gets a haircut and a shave so might as well look good. Such a beautiful dog.

“Brought tears to my eyes. He so tired he just let her take care of him. He didn’t fight. He’s beautiful!”

Says a viewer.

Poor Yorkie. What nightmares he must have endured. He’s going to be alright now.

Puppy mills abandon, or worse, kill mothers and fathers who can no longer breed.

That is the sad reality of puppy mills.

Cages are stacked one on top of the other and moms are barely given time to recover when they give birth.

This Yorkie has a new life ahead of him. One that’s full of love and tenderness.

And there are many others like him out there. So report a puppy mill if you find one. And if you can, adopt. Don’t shop.

Watch this Yorkie’s transformation below!

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