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Young British boys choir sings mesmerizing version of “Carol of the Bells”

There are hundreds, if not, thousands of covers for each Christmas song out there.

We’re talking mainstream artists, up and coming singers, and even normal folk who just enjoy singing and uploading their content on social media.

But agree or not, there’s just something about a Christmas carol done by a choir.

After all, Christmas has its roots in Christianity so it follows that churches and choirs make it all sound extra special.

A boy’s choir group called Libera may just change your mind.

Hailing from South London, these boys have awed and stunned viewers and audiences worldwide by their sheer talent.

This rendition of “Carol of the bells” is as chilling as it is spectacular.

It’s been a year since posting and the boys have over 6.4 million views.

Their official site describes them as,

“The boys who make up the vocal band Libera have been described as “normal” and “ordinary”.

However, as their recordings and performances demonstrate, the music they produce is truly extraordinary.

With shimmering, mystical chords and ecstatic harmonies, they are unlike any other group you have ever heard.

These are truly sounds to lift the soul. Celestial sounds for a new time.”

The boys range from ages seven to sixteen, with vocal ranges that would make angels cry.

But the boys don’t see themselves as a choir. They prefer boy band.

Libera performs this beloved Christmas tune inside St. Augustine’s Church in Kilburn, London.

The stunning 1800’s style church is often referred to as the “Cathedral of North London”.

In matching white robes, the boys line up with candles and a huge crucifix in sight.

Once they start singing, the setting suddenly seems to come alive just in time for the holiday season.

“Hark how the bells
Sweet silver bells
All seem to say
Throw cares away”

They keep building those voices!

“Christmas is here
Bringing good cheer
To young and old
Meek and the bold”

That familiar, haunting four note melody takes over.

Libera’s choir style soars through the open space and as the camera angles and shifts around, the mesmerizing effect of the singing and the setting suddenly make sense. Divine!

No nonsense on those faces too!

The boys of Libera take their singing seriously, each one with a dedicated part that contributes to the soaring beauty of this song.

It’s so good, you wouldn’t guess that it wasn’t originally intended for Christmas.

It was originally a Ukrainian folk song written with the intention of wishing others well during the winter and after.

Written by Mykola Leontovich in 1916, the song speaks of the dawning of spring with all its blessings.

Now there are many versions and renditions of “Carol of the bells“, but these are young boys producing such wonderful music.

Plus it has that enchanting effect to it! Go on and admit it. You like it! So young and old, meek and bold, hear the cheer that Libera brings!

This version of a Christmas classic will surely get your spirits up! Listen to Libera below!

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