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Young man picks Simon’s “worst song in the world” only to score Golden Buzzer

There’s something deeply gratifying about watching people who are really good at something.

We can see this displayed perfectly when watching the Olympics!

Seeing a human being fly down a track at near the speed of a car evokes a sense in us that few things can match.

It’s probably for the same reason that we all love watching talent shows on television.

America’s Got Talent is like the Olympics for people with talents that aren’t necessarily a sport!

For most of us, they are a lot more relatable and watching people’s creativity and skill is something we never seem to get enough of.

One man recently was on the show and gave a performance that was so good, he even got a Golden Buzzer!

Jimmie Herrod is a talented individual who decided to give his best on the show only a few nights ago.

Jimmie walked onto the stage and was greeted with the sight of four titans of the industry sitting before him, a daunting reality for anyone!

Simon Cowell, one of the judges, took the lead and started asking the standard opening questions.

As we soon found out, Jimmie was SUPER nervous and we can’t blame him!

Jimmie works as an online kids music teacher and felt like he was ready to expand his horizons and jump on the opportunity.

After meeting the judges and giving his story, Simon finishes with,

“The stage is yours!”

Jimmie announces that the song he will be singing is “Tomorrow”, the classic from the movie Annie.

Suddenly, we Simons face change – and it’s not a good look.

He explains that of all the songs in the world, Tomorrow happens to be his least favorite.

If Jimmie is going to wow the judges, it’s already an uphill battle.

As we soon find out, however, some battles are worth it.

Finally, Jimmie takes the mic.

He starts singing and his voice is gentle and clear, the perfect accompaniment to such an emotional song.

As he builds, he finally gets to the first powerful moment – and it’s incredible.

Simon’s face starts to change as he listens to the beautiful performance.

Jimmie’s voice is filled with emotion and power as he shows that it’s not about the song you choose, it’s your skill in execution.

For having the odds stacked against him, Jimmie sure showed that he was worthy of being on that stage.

As the judges sit in awe, something amazing happens.

One of the other judges, Sophie Vergara, claims

“she didn’t like it that much”,

shocking everyone who just listened. Taking her hand and swinging it down, she slaps the Golden Buzzer as she shouts,


The entire theatre went crazy as the golden confetti started falling.

A Golden Buzzer means that they will immediately be pushed to the top of the list and be sent on towards the next stage of the competition

. Jimmie didn’t have to worry anymore about whether he was going to make it – he had a guaranteed spot!

Check out his incredible voice that earned him the Golden Buzzer in the video below!

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