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Young teens’ slick dance moves score them “Young America Champions” title

So you think you can dance?

Well, think twice when these two kids are in the same room.

You’ll end up with everyone else on the sides just gawking and marveling at how these youngsters move so effortlessly to the music.

They are Trey Henley and Lizzie Batten.

This was at the US Open Swing Dance Championships in Burbank California.

It’s not a dance you would expect to see young adults of their age doing. And that’s the beauty of it.

The outfits are red and black but Trey does red up top and black below while Lizzie goes black up and red down.

It gives a good contrast when they dance. Especially when it’s the Swing!

You have to be extra light on your feet.

To the tune of Olly Murs’ “Dance with me tonight“, Trey and Lizzie display an amazing sequence of snappy twists and spins coupled with fantastic footwork normally seen on veterans of the dance.

Here’s a lady named Donna full of praises for these two saying,

“Love to see these young kids dancing swing. We called it jitterbugging when I was growing up, but love to see the young carrying it forward!! These two are really good!”

Yes they are!

The reason it’s so impressive is because the Swing came to be back in the 1920’s when the black community found a way to dance to the jazz music of their time.

Those guys and girls knew how to party.

And so it went on through the years, passed on to the next generation until it spread to other parts of the country where avid dancers and enthusiasts began to make competitions and clubs. It’s that popular.

It takes skill to Swing.

And for Trey and Lizzie, countless hours of practice and preparation was the key to their success.

Look at these two dance. It’s like they’re gliding along the floor. So effortless and smooth!

They’re both from the southeast, hailing from North and South Carolina. Places synonymous to the Shag dance.

There’s just something about that place. Seems fun. Put that on the bucket list!

What’s great about Trey and Lizzie is that they don’t forget their audience and the cameras.

Smiles all around as they set fire to the dance floor. Or actually more like ice because that dance is just so cool.

These two are either on the soles of their feet or the heel. Never flat footed if you watch closely.

It’s a constant back and forth of balance to a count and they couple that with a hip action that’s meant to shift their weight from side to side.

Just smoother. Very smooth.

And not even a single drop of sweat. Trey and Lizzie are just having a blast out there. It’s like they’re on automatic, their bodies just going along with the catchy song.

If only we could dance like they do.

Of course they received a standing ovation. That’s a hell of a display of Swing dancing from two young adults.

They don’t even look like they’re of legal age. And moves like that should be illegal. It’s too damn good!

Swing with Trey and Lizzie in the video below!

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