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Young Woman Begins Singing As Tom Jones Grabs Hand For Dirty Dancing Hit That Brings Down The House

When you are given the opportunity to appear on a talent search television show to sing for a panel of judges and an audience, you don’t just prepare to make an impression on well-known personalities.

You’ll basically be singing for viewers all over the world, too.

In The Voice UK: Blind Auditions, aspiring singers are presented with the chance to showcase their talent, gain exposure, and hopefully be discovered and connect with influential people from the music industry.

The coaches, namely, Jennifer Hudson, Sir Tom Jones, and Olly Murs, have the task of determining which of the contestants have what it takes to move on to the next round.

They base their decisions based solely on voice, seated with their backs turned to the contestants.

The coaches don’t just simply listen to the hopefuls and make decisions – they get to hear interesting stories and share fun moments with the contestants, too.

In one particular episode, singer and actress Bethzienna Williams had the privilege of singing with one of the industry’s best.

Renowned artist Tom Jones, known for the hits “It’s Not Unusual”, “What’s New Pussycat”, and “She’s a Lady”, began the exchange by raising his curiosity on Bethzienna’s knowledge of the song “Cry to Me” by Solomon Burke.

She then shared how she discovered the song from one of her favorite films, Dirty Dancing, which caused the famous singer to enthuse about the song.

Upon hearing that Tom Jones liked the song and how he sang it over the summer, the judges began to encourage him to sing, much to the delight of Bethzienna and the audience.

The famous artist eventually obliged, causing the audience to erupt into cheers when he began to sing the first lines of the song.

It’s not everyday that a contestant gets to sing with someone as famous and talented as Tom Jones.

Instead of feeling nervous or pressured about the fact that Tom Jones was about to sing with her, Bethzienna Williams looked more than ready for the moment.

The beautiful young contestant and the musical icon’s unexpected performance of the song made the audience get up on their feet, singing, clapping, and dancing.

It could definitely pass for a scene from a movie. Bethzienna Williams and Tom Jones added even more color to the show and redefined entertainment.

The incredible moment was a treat not only to the performers, but the audience as well.

Now Bethzienna Williams has a great story to tell!

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