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101-Year-Old Mom Asks Her Son To Stop Car So She Can Play In The Snow

Time with family is irreplaceable and special.

Sometimes we take this for granted when we are younger, but it seems our family does too.

It’s not just the idea that our family is “getting older” that we feel the need to value our time with them more; it’s more like as we get older and more mature, we come to the realization what’s truly important in this world: our relationships with others and the memories we make with them.

No amount of money or material goods can bring real and extended happiness in our lives.

In one gone-viral video, a man named Armand Foisy and his 101-year-old mother were casually driving and enjoying the beautiful, snowy weather.

Before getting back on the road to head back home, Armand’s mother got out of the passenger seat as she had another idea in mind.

His mom decided to not just get up close and personal with the snow softly falling from the sky, but to enjoy it really; touching it, making snowballs, and even throwing the snowballs.

Rather than getting annoyed with his prolonged stop, Armand began recording his mother’s adorable interactions in the wintry wonderland.

The moment he captured was so special, fragile, and pure, yet it meant the world to see his mother all smiles for something like snow fallen from the sky, something she had plenty of experiences with throughout her life.

Watch the video below to learn more about the 101-year-old woman and her son Armand!

We can learn a lot from these two and their valuable experience with one another, particularly in what it means to be happy and make others feel the same.

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