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12 siblings take stage with wildly entertaining Irish dance

This was so fun to watch I didn’t want it to end.

Many musical families have entertained us over the years, from the Jacksons to the Jonas Brothers.

But there’s one talented group that first captured America’s heart during a reality show competition – The Willis Clan.

The Nashville family consists of 12 siblings that are all highly-skilled in both music and dance.

Interestingly, they all have names that begin with the letter “J” too!

The Willis Clan memorably auditioned for America’s Got Talent.

At the time of the show, the siblings were between the ages of three and 21-years-old.

Even before they performed the judges seemed intrigued by the large musical ensemble standing on stage, with Howard Stern comparing them to the Partridge family.

But once they hopped into action – everyone’s amazement went to another level!

Together, the family band performed a bluegrass version of “My Favorite Things,” a song from The Sound of Music.

The audition was full of singing, musical instruments, and even the youngest did a little dance that added an extra dose of cuteness.

By no surprise, The Willis Clan received four “yeses” and was pushed to the next level of the show.

Although they didn’t win the entire competition that year – they went on to have other successes, including their own reality television series on TLC.

In this video, The Willis Clan put on a spectacular performance at the Country Dance World Championships.

All 12 of the brothers and sisters participate in the routine, which displays their talent for Irish step dancing, as well as their musical abilities.

Frankly, it’s incredible how much they’re able to pack into four minutes on stage!

The performance is so entertaining it’s racked up nearly 12 million views.

In the video, the sisters beautifully show off their step moves while dressed in plaid skirts.

As for the boys, they’re wearing black glittery shirts, looking as if they’d be excellent additions to a Riverdance production.

There’s Irish-style music in the background that perfectly complements the dance.

Approximately a minute into the performance there’s a fun twist!

The siblings clap their hands and the music style takes a bit of a country spin.

One of the brothers plays an acoustic guitar, while his sister jams out on the violin.

And to make it complete, the two youngest take their turn by dancing along to the music.

But they’re just getting started.

The Willis Clan’s routine is filled with such variety it’s entertaining from beginning to end.

At one point, a band member brings his percussion instrument onto the stage and is then joined by his dancing brother.

They become a fabulous duo when they combine their drumming and tapping sounds.

The crowd is given one final treat when all 12 of the siblings dance together in a line.

In addition to receiving a huge round of applause at the end of the performance, the video’s received numerous glowing comments from people around the world. One person wrote:

“Wow, that was incredible…! As a girl who dances herself, I thought that was utterly brilliant!! What talent!!”

Another said:

“What an amazing family! And their singing and instrumentals are superb as well! To have all that and to be able to dance like this is unreal!”

Whether you’ve been a big fan of The Willis Clan since the beginning, or you’ve never seen them in action before – prepare to be dazzled by this awesome performance.

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