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3 Blind Kittens Are Having Trouble Adjusting Until Two Dogs Adopt Them

In the face of adversity, when you are dealing with a traumatic experience or learning how to cope with a debilitating condition that recently happened, all bets are off.

This time is when kindness and compassion, and help and generosity are the forerunners of healing while adapting to a new way of life.

And to see this amongst animals – cats and dogs especially – is so uplifting!

This story is of two rescue pit bulls named Frankie and Alfie who know what it’s like to be out there and alone.

They both have big hearts when it comes to taking in other rescue animals like these three blind kittens.

Sherry Steward fosters animals from the Faithful Friends Animal Society in Delaware, USA.

Due to various health conditions and traumas, three kittens named Bruce, Willis, and Helen from the shelter had to have their eyes removed, leaving them all permanently blind.

But once they were brought home, Frankie and Alfie immediately took to the felines, helping them adapt to their new living conditions.

And the kittens seem to fit in well! Their surrogate moms have given them a warm, loving environment to help them get on their feet (er, paws).

This unconditional bond has helped the kittens to learn to trust again– so much so, that Bruce has taken quite a liking to sleeping on top of Frankie!

Who says dogs and cats can’t get along?

Click below to watch more of this story about love and tolerance.

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