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300 lb thief learns the hard way that he picked the wrong 65-yr-old woman to rob

Turns out she played softball in high school. A little fact that made a huge difference.

As we age we tend to become more prone to being taken advantage of, especially senior citizens.

Whether it’s falling behind on how to use technology or being targeted as weak, this makes it easier to become a victim of scams or thieves.

Although it’s always been important for elderly people to know how to defend themselves, that’s become increasingly more important today.

Sometimes, individuals take self-defense classes so they’ll know what to do if ever confronted by a robber. Other times, they act instinctively, using whatever they have on hand.

A beautiful Sunday morning

A 65-year-old lady didn’t think a gorgeous Sunday morning would be any different from others.

But she was wrong. It all started when she heard an odd noise. As a grandmother, she was always on high alert.

An alarming noise

The noise was coming from outside her apartment. So, this woman went to her window to try to identify its source. That’s when she spotted a man.

Not just any guy

The man this grandma saw was huge. Later on, she would discover that he weighed well over 300 pounds. But what was he doing around her home?

Trouble brewing

It was clear by his actions this man wasn’t up to anything good.

While this woman watched from her window, she saw him jiggle the handles on her car and pound on the glass. Obviously, he was attempting to break into her vehicle.

It was worse than she expected

As she kept looking out the window, this grandma noticed the man only had boxers on.

Well, not only was she worried about him damaging or stealing her car but being half-naked, what else was he thinking? Especially for someone who’s 65, that’s downright scary.

She takes action

Preparing for the worst, this grandma grabbed her bat. As she explained, she then braced her body before slowing opening her front door.

Although this guy was only five-feet, six-inches tall, at 300 pounds, his size was menacing.

Things take a bad turn

Once the man, Adam Mosley, spotted the woman, he charged towards her.

But she had a couple of advantages. First, she played softball in high school and knew how to effectively swing a bat. Second, she had a bat in her hands.

A grandma that’s not to be messed with

But this grandma wasn’t playing games. As Mosley charged, she did more than just threaten him.

Using the bat, she smacked him hard on the head. She demonstrates how he grabbed his head while screaming, “Ow.” The man took off running to a mobile home park now far away.

Not the smartest guy

You see, Mosley left all his clothes, excluding the boxers he had on, at this grandma’s house.

So, using a canine officer, the police were able to track him down. When found, he was wearing a different pair of pants with cocaine in the pockets.

After having the grandma identify him, he was arrested.

Once at the jail, Mosley was charged with burglary and drug possession.

As for this woman, she stated this guy was lucky she didn’t have a gun.

Considering how well this 65-year-old grandma she handled the situation with a bat, that would’ve led to an entirely different outcome.

Thankfully this grandma was able to fend for herself but some people may not have been so lucky.

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