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4 couples take dancing the Shag to new heights

A lot of people wish they could go back to the “good old days.” While it’s technically not possible, one team’s dance performance might have you feeling like you did indeed travel through time!

The video takes place at the Camp Hollywood National Jitterbug Championships. A team called LA Shag took the dance floor wearing old-fashioned clothing, ready to compete.

But instead of the four couples jumping in with tons of energy – their routine starts out a little more unusual…

It may seem like it’s all about the current trends.

However, classic dance styles are still being practiced across the country, and there are even competitions where enthusiasts show off their skills.

Fortunately, many of these performances are captured on film, including the one below.

The LA Shag members begin their dance pretending to be fast asleep. But don’t worry, it’s not a “snooze-fest.”

Time to rise and shine.

One by one the couples “wake up” from their slumber and it transforms into an incredible Collegiate Shag routine! Just be ready because their quick-moving legs are mesmerizing to watch – especially with there being so many of them (16 to be exact).

Even the music adds to the old-fashioned vibe.

Playing in the background is a jazzy tune called “San,” and it’s a rendition by the California Feetwarmers.

The sound makes it seem like it’s from decades ago – but California Feetwarmers is actually a current musical group who’s passionate about hot jazz, ragtime, and “stompy” blues.

The song itself might have you tapping your foot right along with them.

All of the couples dance with great skill. Amazingly, they’re also able to stay synchronized as a troupe during the performance.

The dancers’ Shag moves are fast-paced, and quite frankly, it’s a style that looks like an absolute blast to try out (although tiring).

According to the website, it originated back in the 30s and involves “high energy footwork” and a “hopping basic step.”

A viewer commented:

“Wow….10 seconds into this dance and I would be on the floor! Bravo to all the dancers!”

Others felt beamed back to their own younger days, and it’s not just because of the vintage hairstyles, shoes, and clothing.

The actual dancing brings up good memories too.

Someone wrote: “Great dancing – Reminds me of when we were teens” while another said: “Oh to be young again…”

There’s never a dull moment during the routine.

Using tons of energy, the members of LA Shag fly across the floor and switch up their positions the entire time.

They include a variety of entertaining moves like when the males steal a kiss (only to get “slapped” in return).

Or, when the dancers form two lines and do massive bunny hops.

Another viewer wrote:

“This is completely and totally awesome. And, it looks like such fun. Great job, dancers!!”

Cheers can be heard during the troupe’s spectacular performance.

However, in the end, they have the crowd going totally wild.

According to the Camp Hollywood website, LA Shag brought home the first-place prize in the 2014 competition within the “team” category.

That won’t be very surprising after you see how talented they are!

If you’re in need of something to put a spring in your step, this could help do the trick.

Press play below to watch this amazing Shag dance for yourself!

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