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4-month-old baby melts hearts “talking” to Daddy

Discovering you’ve got a baby on the way means there’s a huge checklist to create so you’re prepared for their arrival.

It’s also the time when you start imagining all of the beautiful days on the horizon.

From park trips to birthday parties and milestones – there’s a lot to look forward to!

While you’ll likely have many big, memorable experiences with your child – sometimes it’s the tiny moments that will forever melt your heart.

The following video is a perfect example of just how precious those tiny moments can be.

One dad was filmed having an adorable “conversation” with his infant son, who was four-months-old at the time.

The man is sitting on the family couch holding his baby in his arms.

It looks like both of them are comfortable, don’t have anywhere to go, and are enjoying each other’s company. So, why not have a little chat?

He’s got something to say.

The baby is looking at his daddy so sweetly – that the mere sight could melt even the wicked witch’s cold heart.

Really, you could watch the video with the sound off and still get your daily dose of cuteness! But it’s even sweeter when the infant begins to “talk.”

The sound is like music to your ears.

It’s obvious that Dad is smiling big, making faces, and engaging his son.

The baby responds in his own way – with lots of gurgles and coos! If you’re a parent, listening to his infant sounds might even bring back old memories of when your kids were that size.

Dad’s also got something to say.

The man then makes it a conversation by responding back to his baby.

Yet, instead of using “real words,” he starts cooing too! Simply by looking at the infant’s face you can tell that he’s happy and loving it.

The pair go back and forth making adorable baby sounds.

While the dad and infant might not actually be “speaking,” they’re definitely communicating. It’s almost like they have a secret language that perhaps Mom should know about…

According to WebMD, imitating your baby is part of encouraging their communication skills. They explain on their website:

“Right from the start, baby talk should be a two-way street. By imitating your baby, you’ll send an important message: what he is feeling and trying to communicate matters to you.”

Dad seems to be loving the fact that he can talk with his son. You can already tell that they have a strong bond too.

In the video, the man is full of smiles and chuckles as he goes back and forth babbling with the infant. He says, “That’s how you talk now, huh?”

Surely the two will have lots of deep conversations in the future, like during the teenage years. But this is one talk that dad will probably treasure forever!

The clip is so adorable that it’s racked up over 1.4 million views.

One person commented:

“So precious. Warmed my heart. Nothing like a baby to make your day brighter.❤🙂”

Another wrote:

“Enjoy it while you can, Dad….in the blink of an eye he’ll be asking for your car keys! This is adorable!!”

Press play on the video below to see the dad and baby’s conversation for yourself. What a cherishable moment!

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