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4-month-old melts hearts when he “sings” Karen Carpenter song with mom

They were just a few friends hanging out, learning music and singing along to some of their favorite songs when this happened.

According to the owner of the video, John, “Doug came by to teach me some chords for a song–Annie had started singing the Karen Carpenter song, ‘I Know I Need To Be In Love.’ 4-month old Alder then tried to sing, too. ([Our] friend’s child, she brought him by ) So I grabbed a nearby camera.”

And what he captured was just so adorable! Little Alder marveled at Annie’s singing. He just stared at Annie with a big smile on his face.

And later on, he started opening his mouth, trying to sing along with Annie. He was mimicking Annie’s facial movements as she sang and even tried to sing the song the best way he can.

When the song ended, Annie, Alder’s mom, and John all gushed about what Alder did.

Alder’s mom was so proud, “Look at my sweet boy!” And Annie told Doug, who played the piano, what Alder was doing, “The whole time I was singing, he was -” and Annie showed Doug what Alder was doing. “It was so cute!”

Alder’s singing performance is definitely cute but did you know that singing to your babies or to babies, in general, are actually recommended? A new study presented to the Cognitive

Neuroscience Society “found that lullabies not only comfort both mama and baby, but they can also benefit an infant’s cognitive development. Particularly, these songs can increase a little one’s attention and displays of positive emotion toward their mamas.”

And another study published in the Evolution and Human Behavior journal by two Harvard Medical School researchers, Samuel A.

Mehr and Max M. Krasnow, they “found that singing lullabies to infants evolved as a way to calm wailing or fussy babies. Infant-directed songs also allow parents to signal their attention to their little ones, reassuring their babies that they will be kept safe, according to their research.”

ISeeMe also emphasizes the growing benefits of singing to your infant or baby in their family blog.

Singing to infants and babies strengthens that bond between parent and child.

And it heightens and regulates their sense of awareness and attention.

Because singing helps calm the babies down, it may help tremendously with feeding and sleeping, which in turn positively affect the infant’s growth and development.

Who knew singing and music could have this much effect on babies?

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