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4-Year-Old Lines Up Her 6 Pit Bulls For Feeding Time

First impressions are everything. And it has been said that we form an opinion of someone within the first seven seconds of meeting them.

That means that we hardly stand a chance to dazzle someone with our amazing personalities before they’ve already made up their mind about us.

Which is why pit bulls have been given such a bad rep over the years.

Regardless of their caring nature and sweet charm, many are afraid of these innocent pups because of the way in which they look. And while this is an unfair notion, it is what humans and animals go through on a daily basis.

But when someone rises above what meets the eye and has the opportunity to get to know someone for who they really are, you’d be taken aback as to how deceiving looks can be. That is the case with these six adorable pit bulls. These pups are not just gentle, they’re also extremely respectful.

And why is that? These six all live under the same roof and have a little girl as a best friend.

She loves to take care of, feed and play with them. And while many hold the idea that it is unsafe for her to be around not one but SIX pit bulls, this video will prove otherwise.

The little girl is preparing to feed her favourite pups their dinner. She persists to put their food on the floor – but not before lining them up and saying thank you to each of them individually and by name.

When one of the pups stands up and begins walking around, she orders him to sit back home – to which he listens.

Once all six pups are sitting and ready for dinner, she counts to five and announces that it’s dinner time. Suddenly, the dogs make their way to their dinner and begin eating.

This video is one that’ll most definitely change a person’s negative opinion about pit bulls. It proves that, with enough training and respect, these pups – just like any other – can be a loving house pet and friend.

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