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5 anxious brothers meeting baby sister earn 12.9M views

This is either one lucky baby girl or a very unlucky one. She’s the youngest and has five older brothers.

Imagine the time that she starts dating. Her date would be lucky enough to make it through one brother.

But let’s be optimistic. She’s got five loving bodyguards who will have her back in life. That’s better.

Mom and dad wanted a girl. That’s a given seeing as they’ve had nothing but boys.

And even the boys want a sister! There’s too much wrestling going on! There should be a princess in the house!

Kel is seven, Tad is ten, Troy is three, and Rogan and Ross are eleven-year-old twins.

Kimball and Aubrey Taylor, mom and dad, have unbelievable patience and energy putting up with the five boys.

But a girl would add a nice touch to the house. So when mom and dad discovered the baby’s gender, they knew they had to surprise the boys!

This was one animated gender reveal!

Dad and his five boys each hold a cup of colored powder which they would all throw up in the air at the same time.

Blue for a boy, pink for a girl. Easy enough!

The guys from Orem, Utah wait for mom’s count.

And on the count of three, they hurl the contents of their cups in the air.

When a cloud of pink exploded, the boys jump and shout in joy! It’s a girl alright!

It’s a pink ranger!

In fact, the boys are so happy that they run around their yard screaming their heads off amidst the powder.

Fast forward to the day that the five amigos finally got to meet little Shay in the hospital.

Look how excited they are as they entered mom’s room.

Assuming that’s after dad or a nurse telling them to keep it down as the baby is sleeping.

They were probably reminded over and over again.

Troy, the smallest of the five, snuck his way up to mom’s left shoulder where little Shay’s head was.

He’s no longer the youngest! And little Shay has no idea what’s going on.

Mom is a real trooper caring for five boys.

Now that she has a girl, it won’t be so difficult seeing as she has five very eager helpers. Aubrey can take a breather every now and then.

Besides, the five guys have all the energy in the world. Might as well put that energy to good use.

You know who else was really happy? Daddy Kimball!

He’s finally got a little girl. You know how dads are with their daughters.

Shay is going to be so spoiled and loved by her six boys.

The discipline part is mom’s. So when mom says no, all little Shay has to do is run to dad or to one of her big brothers.

She’s going to get all the food and all the toys in the world.

And if the time comes that some unlucky dude breaks her heart, well… We all know where that’s headed. So it seems like she actually is one lucky girl!

Watch the video below to see just how excited these sweet brothers were!

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