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6 high school gymnasts score 1st place championship

It’s usually girls that come to mind when talking about gymnastics.

Sure there may be a few male competitors here and there but no one bats an eye when women automatically come to mind.

But what if a bunch of guys could put that notion to rest?

Nihon e yōkoso

The boys of Ibara High School won first place at the Inter-High School Championships. You’ll see why.

Think of Japan and the first images that come to mind are the Samurai, raw food, nice cars, and a colorful history rich in culture and wonder.

But there’s so much more to the Japanese. Like these guys who move unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

They have a battle cry!

Six very lean looking boys take the floor.

There’s no music yet but five of the guys turn around, bend over head down while supported by their arms then stick their right leg up and over their torsos. Sort of like yoga.

The one in the center remains standing but when the music comes on, they move as one.

The other five extend their right legs up vertically, performing an almost inverted gravity style split.

And as they turn to kneel and face the camera, the guy in the middle assumes the head down and right leg up pose. It’s already mad to look at.

Synchronized on a whole new level.

The way they fall on the mat then bounce back up is insane to watch.

It’s like there’s no weight crashing down making it seem like they defy gravity as they bounce back up.

They spring across the floor, all at the same time, amidst the audience’s stunned silence.

The six boys assemble on the right side, and with a sway of their arms, execute not one, not two, but FIVE back flips one after the other.

Some were handstand back flips, while the rest were done with no hands. and after the fifth back flip, they immediately spring back up and forward for a jumping front flip, landing on their bellies before springing up ala martial arts style for a series of moves.

Are you keeping up?

These boys defy the laws of physics.

They fan out across the floor, dazzling the crowd with hypnotic spins while maintaining bodily angles that would otherwise injure a normal person.

They stand on one leg, limbs out eliciting an applause from a mesmerized audience.

One guy rolls over to his buddies, as they catch him and swing him up and around like a pendulum before passing him on to another guy who holds him by the arms. He extends his body and legs up in the air.

Ready for take off!

Another guy sets himself up from behind, letting two of his friends launch him up and over the guy with the extended pose.

He executes a ridiculously high front flip before landing on his feet for another roll. Dude is like a cat.

The jumping Japanese!

What follows next are a series of well known gymnastics routines.

Lots of running and flips except turned up to ten.

They all do it together, at a speed not normally associated with men and gymnastics. Pause for a moment and catch your breath.

Now check out those handstand poses. That takes an incredible amount of strength and balance to perform.

And as if that were not enough, the boys perform an alternating sequence of flips without once hitting each other. It’s truly stunning to watch.

The last part consists of a few floor movements but once again assuming angles that aren’t normal for the human anatomy.

Except for them.

They go at it flawlessly before slowing down for the big finale. No wonder they won. And it’s a lot to take in so go ahead and play it again!

Click on the video below but remember to breathe!

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