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78-year-old ballerina mesmerizes with graceful routine

Suzelle Poole is an inspiring ballerina showing the world you’re never too old to dance – nor follow your passion.

Many people view their seventies as a time period to slow down.

But for Suzelle, she still is practicing and teaching ballet like she’s discovered the fountain of youth.

Suzelle (who was in her late seventies) took the stage for a ballet performance that’s stolen the internet’s breath away.

Prepare to be dazzled and inspired by this beautiful ballerina, who’s proof that age really is just a number.

She’s been dancing for decades.

Suzelle is originally from London, and she began learning ballet when she was seven-years-old.

Eventually, it led to a professional career and performing on stages across the globe.

But instead of hanging up her ballet shoes when she reached her senior years – Suzelle continues to practice the art six days a week, still working to improve. She currently teaches at the Royale Ballet Dance Academy in Dallas, Texas.

Ballet helps keep her healthy and youthful.

Not only does Suzelle enjoy ballet, but she believes it would be beneficial to others as well. According to Daily Mail, she said:

“But for me, dancing is the most wonderful exercise, I’m fit, I take no medication and I believe everyone would benefit from being exposed to ballet classes to their own level.”

Her solo performance in the video is stunning.

Dancing en pointe is a technique that Suzelle has mastered. It’s also one that she hasn’t lost either.

During the performance, she gracefully dances on her toes like she’s lighter than air, and has been whisked away to a magical place.

According to Danza Ballet, pointe shoes play an important role in the history of dance. On their website, they say:

“The ability to rise on the tips of her toes gave a ballerina the ability to dance on a whole new level.

With the appearance of pointe shoes, the female dancer’s technique expanded, enabling her to create the illusion of incredible lightness and to project an increased sense of daring.”

Suzelle is inspiring others with her abilities.

On top of teaching ballet, Suzelle also performs at nursing homes in the Dallas area.

Her belief is that it helps encourage the residents to participate in the exercises offered at their facility. She said:

“I’m older than a lot of them in there and they can’t believe I’m still dancing, I’m so grateful that I can.”

In addition to dance, Suzelle also feels that getting out of the house on a daily basis helps in “feeling young.”

Watching Madame Poole’s spectacular performance may have you wanting to dance too.

Dancing is an activity that’s not only good for the body – but it has other positive benefits as well.

It can help reduce stress, boost your mood, strengthen your mind, increase energy, and more.

For Suzelle, ballet has been her go-to. In 2019, she told CBS News:

“Ballet helps everything. If you’re not feeling well, you go to a ballet class and you feel better after.”

Internet users have been applauding from their computer screens.

One person commented:

“I think she is exquisite and a true inspiration for anyone at any age.”

Another wrote:

“What a graceful and beautiful ballerina… Her age is no barrier she is awesome!”

You can watch the magnificent Suzelle Poole shine in the spotlight below!

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