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9-Year-Old Performs Fabulous Sinatra Classic, And Judges Can’t Wipe The Smiles Off Their Faces

Frank Sinatra (aka Ol’ Blue Eyes) is easily one of the greatest singers of the 20th century and iconic for his contributions to the music industry. Not only have his music and songs touched the lives of many, but it’s also the smooth and memorable caliber of his voice that has resonated with so many over the years. When you think of classic, you think Sinatra.

Then to hear a little girl, only nine years old, take on a mature-sounding Sinatra song — that is a bold move, and very fearless and ambitious if you ask me! But just seconds after Josefien Derijcke opened her mouth to sing the Frank Sinatra classic, “Fly Me To The Moon” on “The Voice Kids Belgium,” did she steal the attention and hearts of not one, not two but all three judges!

Josefien starts her performance on a high note, hitting it perfectly. She’s a little girl, dressed in white wearing a band of flowers across her forehead. She’s bright-eyed and angelic looking, swaying side to side delivering a jazzy Sinatra performance. The judges instantly fall in love, as all three of them eventually turn around in their chairs. Each one has wide eyes, stunned by what they’re seeing and hearing.

Although they’re speaking in Dutch, according to one of the judges, the translation says, “Josefien, I’m going to say it like it is: For us, it sometimes is very difficult to listen through the ‘cuteness factor.’ But the difference with you is that you sing very correctly and beautifully and in a jazz way.” It’s her timing that’s bang on, too. Josefien has the rhythm and beat that made for a perfect audition. Just wait until you see the end when she pauses before singing the last word. This cute and charismatic move helped win over the judges.

She has a voice that sticks out. Even right from the beginning, she doesn’t falter. You can hear bits of Sinatra woven into her voice — that’s a big statement. She’s got power and soul and gives an outstanding performance, so much so, the judges are clamoring to get her on their respective teams. This girl is going to go far. If she can nail a Sinatra song, she’s well on her way to becoming a star, and she can probably do pretty much anything.

Click below to watch Josefien wow the whole room! Sinatra would be impressed!

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