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97-Year-Old Sings “How Great Thou Art” During One Of His Last Days

Passing away can sometimes be a scary thought, but it’s the reality, and some people have found peace in it.

Walter got admitted into the hospital when he was 97, but it was not entirely the “worst” part of his life.

Despite being in a strange place, Walter still feels at home at the Ohio Health Mansfield Hospital because his family and friends would always visit him.

During his last days, one of Walter’s visitors held his hand and started belting out an old worship song entitled “How Great Thou Art”.

Altogether, everyone in the room started harmonizing in such an emotional way. Even if there was no instrument, they made a beautiful song.

Not everyone might believe in the existence of a “Higher Being,” but some people find peace in knowing that there is someone out there looking out for them.

People on the internet shed tears of joy after watching Walter’s emotional video of singing with his loved ones.

Witnessing such a beautiful moment in a man’s last days is proof that the end of one’s life doesn’t have to be scary, but it can be a call for worship and celebration because he is about to find eternal peace at last.

Of course, saying goodbye is more significant when your friends and loved ones are around to hold your hand and make you feel loved.

Watch how Walter sang a song of worship with his loved ones in his final days in the video below.

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