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Abandoned Dog Gets Adopted After Crying Himself To Sleep

When I climb into bed at night, my newest little rescue dog crawls up on to the pillows to be as close to me as possible.

He has been with me for less than a year, so he still gets insecure and needs to be next to me to feel safe.

When I think about the days and nights he spent without a home, first as a stray on city streets and later as a shelter dog, it just breaks my heart to think of how lonely and confused he must have been.

It’s a sad reality that someone didn’t care for this little soul, who was obviously someone’s pet at one point.

As an older dog housed in a busy city shelter in Miami and terribly frightened, he had little chance of being adopted. When the hurricane hit last year, he was pulled by a rescue team to help make room in the shelter for pets in need of refuge after the storm.

Eventually, he ended up with me, but there are so many other dogs who need saving.

Gonner is a one-year-old Great Dane who was surrendered to the busy Carson Animal Shelter in Los Angeles for not being friendly enough.

I’m not even sure what that means.

The poor young dog had no idea why his family had abandoned him and cried in his pen in the shelter.

Fortunately, through the power of social media, Gonner’s story has a happy ending.

His plea for rescue was shared all over Facebook, thanks to the Saving Carson Shelter Dogs Facebook page:

“GONNER is big and beautiful, and his family left him at the shelter because he wasn’t friendly enough.

He has that collar over his face, and you can see it’s raw underneath and if you give him a cookie he is extremely gentle and sweet.

He needs help fast; he’s in the back with no Kennel Card! He will need someone with experience and someone to give him training.”

Fortunately, a kind soul adopted this dog, and his video was moved to the Facebook page’s “safe” folder.

There still are many dogs who are not safe, and their page is updated daily.

If you or someone you know has room in your heart and home for a dog, please consider adopting from a shelter or rescue.

See Gonner’s gorgeous face in the video below!

Please like and share if you believe that all dogs deserve a safe and loving home!

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