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Abandoned puppy seeking shelter from a storm cries out in joy when she sees rescuer

Everybody hates a stormy day and even our pets show us that they hate it too.

As the roof of our home safeguards our pets, it is disheartening to think that there are plenty of animals outside searching for a shelter to protect them from a storm.

Just like this abandoned pooch who was trying to find shelter in a cornfield.

How animals see a storm coming.

Animals are equipped with senses that are far greater than what an average person has.

They could detect weather changes and signs easily, making it one of their tools for survival.

Once they detect a hint of bad weather, you could notice a change in their behavior that varies depending on what animal they are.

Since we do not possess this kind of ability, we often rely on our pet’s behavior changes in order to predict weather and storms. As a matter of fact, humans have been doing this for more than a century.

A storm is about to come and this man happened to pass by a pooch on the way home.

A man was on his way back to the animal shelter when he found a pooch at the side of the road.

He is an animal rescuer from a non-profit organization in Mladenovac, Serbia called the Dog Rescue Shelter.

The dog seemed to be looking in front of a cornfield, trying to find a place to take shelter from the storm.

There were no houses around, and it was the dog’s only decent choice not until this man stopped to take a closer look at him.

The pooch desperately asks the human for help.

The dog noticed the man coming out of his car trying to approach him.

Instead of running away from him, the gentle dog fell into a submissive state, showing that she is harmless. The dog dropped on the ground, wagging her tail as if asking the man for mercy.

“I will never forget that cry of hers when she realized she was saved. That helpless whimper,” he wrote.

The man started petting the dog, and it seemed to love the attention. Judging from the dog’s behavior, you would realize that her previous owners recently dumped her.

The man pitied the poor dog and took her with him to the vehicle. Coincidentally, as they made themselves comfortable inside, the rain started pouring.

She is going to stay at the shelter for a while.

The rescuer and the pooch safely arrived at the shelter, and the first thing the man did was to provide her with water and food.

The hungry dog gobbled her food and was greatly satisfied after she was done. The man then took the dog to the bath and discovered that she was covered with ticks and fleas.

The dog stayed calm as the kind man rubbed off the dirt and ticks from her body. After her refreshing bath, she was dried with a clean towel and then left for a while to adjust to her new environment.

The dog is given the name Lucy, and she fit in well with the rest of the family.

The shelter has continued to provide Lucy with all that she needs and she has plenty of time to play and socialize with the other dogs in the shelter.

Lucy loves the attention she gets from his foster family, and you could see how her eyes glow beautifully.

If you want to give your support to the shelter for giving this adorable dog a place to call home, visit them on their website.

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