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Adorable fox cozies up to man sitting in pub beer garden

He was just drinking a beer when the little fox hopped up on his lap looking for a little love. ❤️

What is the first animal that comes to mind when you are thinking of pubs and bars? One would suggest mice or maybe a cat, especially in those old renovated pubs with wooden floors.

Well, in our story today you will see probably something totally new and unexpected that will pleasantly surprise you.

In our case, the animal lounging all relaxed and comfy in the pub was…a fox!

Yes, you have heard right, this beautiful copper-furred friend found his way to a quite modern beer garden at The Star pub, in Malden Rushett, London, and all the way next to Gary Sines.

The 40-year-old builder from Chessington was enjoying a pint along with his partner Lindsay Rolfe when this unconventional guest joined them where they were sitting.

Like an old friend, the fox approached Gary and went all cuddly on him, asking to be pet.

For those who aren’t very familiar with foxes, they are considered wild animals, which means they haven’t been domesticated.

Although foxes belong to the same family of Canidae that includes both domestic dogs and wolves, foxes aren’t particularly friendly nor live in big groups.

However, what might come as a surprise to you is that London is famous for its Urban Foxes!

The reason behind it is the great concentration of rats and mice in the city that makes them the perfect attraction for the foxes.

The presence of the foxes in London is instrumental as they keep the number of rodents low.

According to Trevor Williamson, founder of The Fox Project, “Their range may be smaller than rural foxes as food is more plentiful in the city and no need to range more widely.”

Isn’t this wonderful? Imagine walking down the street or enjoying a day at a park, and here comes a fox!

Well, the one in the video definitely surprised both Gary and his partner, although, they soon found themselves quite taken with the lovely animal, treating it as you would do with a dog or a cat.

Lindsay’s reaction to the fox was even funnier as she even suggested taking the fox home back with them, as their kids would be delighted.

Well, it wouldn’t be the first time that people decided to keep a fox or a wild animal in fact as a pet.

And you can see that the fox is definitely enjoying all the attention he’s getting, not being in any hurry to abandon his new friends.

Garry later confessed, “It was absolutely bizarre. I was worried about getting bitten to begin”.

And honestly, who wouldn’t have been initially shocked when a “wild” animal invades your space as cute as it might be!

The video with the two of them cuddling went viral, with more than a million views and people rushed to comment on it.

Scenes like this make you wonder how “wild” are these animals and what kind of place/ life they could have in the urban landscape.

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