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Adorable Frenchie strolls up to police horse and melts 5M hearts with their interaction

It’s always cute when animals from different species befriend each other.

But it’s even more adorable when one of those animals is very small and one is very big. That was just the case with this Frenchie and police horse!

The little dog was walking with his owner on Wall Street in New York when they ran into the big police horse.

Slowly people noticed Frenchie and the horse interacting with each other. In fact, they even managed to draw a small crowd.

It’s an amazing display of love and cuteness that you truly have to see for yourself.

The adorable French bulldog definitely wanted to spend some time with his new friend and stared at him in pure awe.

You can absolutely tell that Frenchie wants to play as he jumps and runs around in sheer excitement.

On the other hand, the police horse remains a lot calmer, but can definitely appreciate the actions of his new four-legged friend.

The horse looks somewhat intrigued and amused, but since he was on active duty, he remained strictly professional.

It’s an amazing mix of emotions and proof that friendships have no boundaries.

The two new friends share some sweet moments together, and a shot of the two going nose to nose with each other is particularly heartwarming.

The little pup is overly enthusiastic and people in the area were laughing out loud.

“That’s so cute,” one woman who passed by said.

It didn’t take long before people started taking out their smartphones to film this remarkable new friendship themselves.

Frenchie even tried to play with a little girl who was admiring both of them.

The footage has been posted on YouTube and quickly went viral. At the time of writing, almost 5 million people viewed this immensely cute video.

“That was cute and it was cool the cop had no problem with it. :)” one viewer posted.

Another viewer wrote:

“All I could think of was this little dog talking to this horse ‘Hey! HEY!! Giant dog! Leave your human and come play with me! We will play the chase and the tag and shall jump and run and be very merry!

This sweet pair made everybody’s day. Everyone loved watching how the stoic horse and excitable little dog interacted.

It’s easy to see why this video gained so many views. There’s nothing cuter around!

Check out the adorable horse and Frenchie below!

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