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Adorable koala pops in at neighbor’s for cuddles and kisses by the pool

It is so easy for us to forget all of the wonderful creatures out there simply because we live in our own habitats.

We’re all caught up in a rush, living in concrete jungles, that we forget all those amazing animals going about their lives.

Sometimes, our worlds do cross but it’s not always for the better as these encounters don’t always go well.

Poachers for instance. It never ends well for the animals.

But then there are friendly interactions as well between species. In some cases, animals wander into our world.

Sometimes they’re lost and other times, they’re just curious.

If you do happen to come across animals outside of their habitat, the best thing to do is to notify either a wildlife rehabilitation center, the humane society, animal shelter, or a veterinarian.

But sometimes an animal is just passing through and by the time you’re able to make the call, they’re gone.

A family in Adelaide Hills , South Australia got a surprise visit from a koala that wandered into their backyard.

The creature slowly came down from a tree and into the fenced-in pool area. This moment was thankfully caught on film for the world to see.

The koala decided to make its way to the poolside but before taking a sip, it studies the water.

The koala places its hand in the water and observes its movements before deciding what to do next. Fortunately, the water is gentle and nearly still.

Koalas drink little to no water, yet this one seemed parched.

It sticks its entire hand into the pool and begins drinking the water, little by little.

A woman appears on the other side of the pool slowly inching her way over to the koala.

When she finally gets to it, she scoops up some water and extends her hand out to the koala.

The koala slowly moves towards her hand and takes a sip of water.

She carries on, scooping water in her hands while letting the adorable creature drink.

After a few seconds, the woman gets out and she and the koala sit facing each other.

The woman leans her face into the koala’s and instead of fleeing, the koala meets the woman halfway and their noses touch. Such a beautiful moment.

The woman even caresses the koala on its nose and its face. The animal isn’t even scared.

Neither is the woman who strokes its fur while it looks around. Look at the face of that koala! How can you not fall in love?

The koala, now comfortable, made his way up the stairs and in to the house.

Maybe it wanted to check out the place in case it was to be its new home.

Now a lot of experts would discourage going up to wild animals as they are unpredictable.

But this woman’s heart moved her to help the koala.

She took the risk and it paid off for her, They drank to a new friendship. It’s a moment she’ll treasure.

See the unique encounter between human and wild animal below!

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