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Adorable video shows baby monkey caring for baby ducks like they’re his own

What you’re seeing is not a live-action Disney movie even if it looks like one.

There’s something heartwarming whenever we see baby animals do adorable things.

Their sheer curiosity and playful nature make us watch more of what they’ll do.

And even if these things last between minutes or hours, we all don’t mind. We’re all here for the feel-good cuteness.

In this video, a little monkey decided to make these little ducklings his friends, and the ducklings accepted him as their own.

The video has been watched over 46 million times since it was uploaded last June.

And seeing how the baby monkey interacted with his duckling besties, we’re not really surprised how it racked up so much reception.

The animals were playing around on the dirt, among low-growing plants and weeds.

There are moments where the ducks groom their “weird gray duck friend”, and the little monkey is more than willing to return the favor.

You can see how these animals, no matter how different, developed a mutual bond of comfort among each other’s fur and feathers.

I guess we could learn a thing or two through this adorable interaction.

The little primate even huddled for warmth among his friends and these yellow balls of feathers are more than willing to surround him and take him in.

When snack time came, the monkey and the ducks ate in different ways.

But even if he’s drinking from a prepared bottle and the ducks are eating cooked rice on a leaf, they both stayed close to one another as if sharing a meal at one table.

Their curiosity led them to different places.

They explored branches of trees and the flowers nestled among them.

They ran around the grass and even if the monkey is much more agile, the ducks would always catch up.

Eventually, the little monkey did what monkeys do – hang out on top of a tree.

While these baby ducks can’t fly yet, they were content with just waiting for their primate friend to climb back down.

When they reunited, it’s still the same playful wrestling or grooming. They all seem to enjoy the presence of one another.

This is not the first time a monkey took care of animals as if they were his own.

In a video uploaded just last April, this little primate played around with his puppy buddy.

His little hands inspected and groomed the dog.

He pulled the puppy’s tail, parted its fur for hidden treats, and gave it some belly rubs too.

Just like the ducks, these two friends seemed to be unfazed about how different they are from one another.

For them, all that matters is if one is willing to play along with the shenanigans of another.

At the end of the day, these animals show how we can all live in harmony.

While they are not ruled by the jungle rules for predator and prey, they still found a way to interact in a way that’s full of care and affection.

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