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After paying $400 vet bill, owner learns his limping dog has been copying him out of sympathy

Bill, the nine-year-old lurcher, has shown us that a doggo’s love for his owners can be immeasurable.

When Rusell Jones, Bill’s dad, broke his ankle, his leg was placed in a cast.

Needless to say, Jones needed to use crutches to walk. That’s where the story gets interesting.

After the accident, whenever Rusell would take his dog out for a walk, Bill would exhibit unusual behavior.

The canine seemed to be unable to put his front left paw on the ground and developed a mysterious limp.

Naturally, Rusell took Bill to the vet and some X-rays were done. The diagnosis, however, was unexpectedly hilarious.

Rusell Jones, a 53-year-old man from Hoddesdon in Hertfordshire, injured his leg while working as a window cleaner

A broken ankle meant that Mr. Jones would have his leg in plaster for seven weeks.

Rusell and his wife Michelle run their own cleaning business, but it’s not their work they were worried about.

Their job could wait until Russell fully recovered. It was their dog’s sudden condition that was the couple’s main concern.

When Bill suddenly began to limp, it all pointed to the fact that his leg had been hurt somehow.

Was it a thorn? Was he in pain?

The Jones had to find it out right away.

Understandably, Rusell immediately contacted their vet.

After a full examination and X-rays, a vet could find nothing wrong with the pooch.

Physically, everything was fine but Bill was still hopping around with one leg in the air.

But why?

That’s when Rusell came up with a little experiment.

Russell told his wife to take the dog to the garden to play with him for a while.

Miraculously, as soon as the dog was left alone with Michelle, his limp completely faded away.

How peculiar!

It turned out that Bill’s limp was a sign of pure sympathy for his owner – and this doggy’s heartwarming imitation has earned him more than 2 million views on social media.

As soon as Rusell understood what was going on, he posted a short video on social media, with a caption: “Cost me $300 in vet fees and X-rays, nothing wrong just sympathy. Love him.”

People’s comments were full of love for the good boy.

“His way of showing affection is priceless,” commented one user.

Bill became a star overnight.

Still, every time Bill went out with Rusell, his limp would reappear.

Who couldn’t love this adorable pooch?

Michelle and Rusell realized this was not the first time Bill had imitated them.

When Michelle hurt her back, she had to lay in a certain position for days.

Bill would always lay beside her in a similar position.

Science has proven that our pets pick up a lot from their owners.

Parrots repeat our words, monkeys can be trained to repeat our actions, and dogs imitate us because of how affectionate they are.

The list goes on and on.

Coyotes, for example, are even known to fake injuries to trick tourists into giving them food.

How to know if your pet is faking an injury

Dogs are unbelievably intelligent creatures. They can learn a lot of tricks, including how to fake an injury. It is important to keep an eye on your pet when you can.

Limping for no apparent reason, a sudden improvement in an “injury”, sporadic symptoms, or the fact that symptoms appear only when they notice you are present can be signs that your dog might be faking their condition.

Bill will be ten years old in February

Happy birthday, dear boy. We wish you a lot more happy years with your parents. Keep those funny imitations coming, we would love to see more.

Watch the video below!

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