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Andrea Bocelli and his son grab hearts singing Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” in Italian

I couldn’t possibly love this more. ❤️

Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” is a romantic ballad written about then his wife-to-be Cherry Seaborn whom he knew since high school. They reconnected when Cherry was in New York.

Obviously written by someone in love, “Perfect” made Sheeran’s 2017 very fruitful. “Perfect” debuted at number four, selling 62,599 copies, while nine of his new songs occupied the top ten charts.

And on and on the song went, dominating the airwaves as the unofficial romantic ballad of the year.

Ed’s hit was recorded with strings orchestration from his brother Matthew Sheeran. It was the first time the brothers collaborated as it was their grandmother’s final wish to see the boys work together before she passed away.

The full string orchestration was used for the recording with Andrea Bocelli.

An Italian opera tenor singing a modern pop ballad? You bet!

It gets even better. Andrea sings it as a duet with his son, Matteo. The talent runs in the family, Matteo’s dashing Italian face only making each performance better. He’s surely got the women swooning!

It really is a “Perfect Symphony”.

At the “Cud życia koncert wielkanocny 2021” (Miracle of Life Easter Concert 2021), father and son take center stage with a full string orchestra providing that beautiful symphony for aural pleasure.
Matteo starts in English, his voice showing traces of his father’s but still completely his own style. The Bocelli magic lives on. We have another lifetime of this family’s talents.

“No contest here. Two the best singers in the world in sweet unison bringing us the love 💕 of father and son togetherness and sharing the joy of their experience with us in a modern song loved and enjoyed by both. Both not only jumping the generation gap but filling it with the simply joy of being alive.”

Cassie Quaid posted in the comment section.

Matteo takes it all the way to the first chorus, and as the orchestra builds, his father, the icon himself, takes the second verse in Italian, the band now in full swing.

This song sounds even more romantic in Italian.

Sei la mia donna, la forza delle onde del mare
Cogli i miei sogni e i miei segreti e molto di più
Spero che un giorno, l’amore che ci ha accompagnato
Diventi casa, la mia famiglia, diventi noi
E siamo sempre bambini ma nulla è impossibile
Stavolta non ti lascerò
Mi baci piano ed io torno ad esistere
E nel tuo sguardo crescerò

Ballo con te, nell’oscurità, stretti forte poi
A piedi nudi noi, dentro la nostra musica
Ti ho guardato ridere e sussurrando ho detto:
“Tu stasera, vedi, sei perfetta per me”

You’ll feel like falling in love, if you aren’t already.

Father and son enchant their audience, mesmerizing them with a stirring duet, full of soul and emotion giving Sheeran’s 2017 hit a new, refreshing feel with their unique style.

It’s a rendition you’ll want to hear again and again. So hit repeat and enjoy the Bocelli duo’s stunning voices sing about romance and love. There’s nothing better on a quiet day.

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