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Andrea Bocelli captivates hearts singing “The Lord’s Prayer”

Andrea Bocelli is probably the most famous and beloved Italian opera singer around.

Celine Dion herself has been quoted to say:

If God would have had a singing voice, He must sound a lot like Andrea Bocelli.

David Foster has described Andrea’s voice as one of the most beautiful in the world.

David, a musician, producer, composer, and songwriter has been working with artists for a very long time.

Among his history are names like Chaka Khan, Christina Aguilera, Michael Buble, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, and more.

When so many people are amazed by your work, you have earned your status.

Incredibly, Bocelli is totally blind.

He was diagnosed with a condition after a football injury at the age of 12 that left him blind soon after.

You would think that would stop you from pursuing a life on stage, but not Bocelli.

He has 15 solo albums, 3 greatest hits albums, and nine operas. He has sold over 90 million records, to boot!

He has even been named as one of People’s magazines “50 most beautiful people in the world.”

But the most outstanding this about him is his passion for music. It’s that passion that has driven him to achieve the great success he has.

Even from a young age, Bocelli spent time singing.

He even gave his first concert near his hometown.

At age 14, he won his first singing competition.

Interestingly, he studied law at the University of Pisa, but to earn money he performed at piano bars in the evenings.

He did complete law school and worked one year as a lawyer before starting his music career full time.

In one incredible performance, Bocelli teams up with the Morman Tabernacle Choir to sing The Lord’s Prayer set to music.

Commenter Philip Holbrook said,

“I am a Roman Catholic and, of all the songs of the Lord’s Prayer, this is by far the best of the best.

I have listened to this great singer for many years but this song is his greatest works. Andrea, you have outdone yourself this time. Thank you.”

The famous choir is a chorus of 360 men and women whose singing brings joy, peace, and healing to so many of its listeners. It’s the longest-running radio program around!

The Tabernacle’s choir has been around since 1847 and was formed with the Church of Latter-Day Saints moved to Salt Lake Valley.

In 1929, they got their own radio program and have been going strong ever since.

To date, the radio program is the world’s longest continuing network broadcast in over 2,000 radio and television stations with more than 4,500 episodes.

YouTube commenter Andrew Broad said,

“Absolutely beautiful. The most amazing song I have ever heard. A simple prayer turned into a song for the Lord.”

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir aims to transcend cultural and generational boundaries and unite people worldwide through music.

Another YouTube commenter Gail Severson said,

“Andrea, you are the BEST, you are so amazing. God led you to us to sing us this song!”

We can’t agree more with her!

Feel a slice of heaven below listening to this beautiful and uplifting rendition of “The Lord’s Prayer”.

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