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Andrea Bocelli & Reba McEntire perform an enchanting live duet of Blue Christmas

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You’ve heard Blue Christmas before, but never like this! The two musical legends sound amazing in this performance.

Reba McEntire and Andrea Bocelli are very different kinds of singers. Bocelli’s music is operatic, whereas McEntire’s is country through and through.

So how could they possibly duet, you might wonder. Well, they have done, and it sounds incredible!

The two singers were able to unite over their shared passion for Elvis Presley.

“Honestly, I was a little bit jealous of Elvis Presley. Because when I was young, all my girlfriends loved Elvis Presley more than me. For this reason, I decide, one day, I will sing his song.” – Andrea Bocelli.

So when it came time for Bocelli to record a Christmas album, he knew two things for certain.

He wanted to cover Elvis’s Blue Christmas, and he wanted to cover it with Reba McEntire.

McEntire was more than happy to combine her talents with Bocelli’s, and the finished track gives the song a whole new life.

But to really appreciate it, you have to see the two singers perform Blue Christmas live.

During a special concert, Bocelli talked about his love of Elvis. And then McEntire walked onto the stage.

The crowd applauded. Some of them may not have been familiar with McEntire’s music, seeing as they’re in an Andrea Bocelli concert, but they sure did appreciate seeing two artists onstage together!

The band started playing an orchestral rendition of Blue Christmas.

Then Bocelli opened with the famous lyric “I’ll have a blue Christmas without you.” Bocelli’s voice over the familiar song sounded surreal, but in a good way.

After the first verse was over, and everyone watching had been all but hypnotized by Bocelli’s voice, McEntire started singing the next verse.

She opened with “And when those blue snowflakes start falling.” McEntire’s thick American accent shouldn’t complement Bocelli’s operatic Italian voice, but it does!

Then the two performers harmonized for the lyric “You’ll be doing all right, with your Christmas so white.” By this point, the singers had completely made the song their own.

When the performance ended, McEntire rubbed her head against Bocelli’s shoulder. Clearly, the two have some major chemistry!

The crowd then went mad with applause. And they had better.

After all, they had just witnessed what must have been the best ever performance of Blue Christmas. Sorry, Elvis Presley!

Shortly after the performance, a recording of it appeared on Bocelli’s official YouTube channel.

It proved very popular, quickly gaining over 800,000 views and 6,400 likes.

It also has received many positive comments. People have said the following:

This performance is good enough to make anyone yearn for a whole album of Reba McEntire and Andrea Bocelli songs.

Just imagine the two mixing their styles on covers of country classics and original compositions?

When you watch performances like this, you have to appreciate just how versatile music can be.

Sure, Blue Christmas is an iconic Elvis Presley Christmas rock song, but it can also be a stunning country/opera duet.

Perhaps the biggest irony of this unlikely, amazing mix of a performance is that it’s sure to make any Christmas less blue and more happy!

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