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Andrea Bocelli sings “Perfect” with his son Matteo in powerful live performance

It’s not easy to top a chart-topper like "Perfect" but leave it to Andrea and Matteo to do just that.

In the world of music, we often hear old songs revived by a new generation of singers and bands.

But sometimes, the latest hits are being sung by veteran folks, and they still end up good, or even better.

Andrea Bocelli is king of this.

Recently, the song “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran has become one of the greatest songs in modern music.

No wonder Andrea Bocelli, together with his son Matteo Bocelli, went ahead and arranged this song to match their stunning voices.

Topping charts with a chart topper.

The song was released way back in 2017 and since has been played multiple times and listened to on all music platforms.

It was a hit across the globe.

It topped charts in some countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand.

Since its debut, Ed had the chance to release a duet with Beyonce singing “Perfect.”

And just a few weeks later, Ed had a duet featuring Andrea which is dubbed “Perfect Symphony.”

It’s truly a song to behold.

Andrea performed another duet of Perfect.
This time, he was joined by his son Matteo.

With the two powerful tenors on the same song, you can tell that it’s going to be a great one.

They sang perfectly, just as the title, while adding their own unique take on the hit song.

They decided to sing it in Italian, though the first part was sung by Matteo in English.

The Italian parts are as beautiful and mesmerizing as the English version.

What sets it apart is how the voices of Matteo and Andrea blended, the song was properly delivered with grace and still had the strength to tug heartstrings of listeners.

Listeners fell in love all over again.

Andrea’s style of singing isn’t new.

The world has already seen and heard him singing gracefully, covering other hit songs.

He rosed to fame in the 1990s which impressed people around the world serenading with his powerful operatic voice, along with his gifts of playing other instruments including piano, drums, trumpet, and flute.

Though his voice will certainly be one of the greatest and will leave a positive impact on the world of music.

Aside from being a soloist, Andrea has also shared the spotlight through collaborations with other musicians and singers, including Ed Sheeran.

When both had the chance to duet in 2017, Sheeran went to Tuscany, Italy so they could record the song “Perfect.”

It’s as perfect as perfect gets.
Then came the opportunity to sing the song along with Andrea’s son, Matteo, beside him.

Together with a stunning orchestra, their voices serenade the stage and the audience.

Though Matteo has not yet gotten the chance to sing with Sheeran, he was able to work with his father to sing the popular song.

As the orchestra plays, Matteo entered with the English version.

His voice echoes with grace which mesmerizes everyone.

Then came Andrea, singing the Italian version.

The accompaniment made the whole music so wonderful to hear, resonating with the souls of the people listening.

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