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Angry widow dumps abusive husband’s ashes in the trash and calls him out for every wrongdoing

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Marsha Widener had suffered at the hands of her husband for many years.

Now that he was finally dead, she got all the revenge she could.

“This is for all the pain and all the turmoil he has caused my children and myself.” – Marsha Widener.

As Marsha Widener unwrapped the plastic bag containing her ex-husband’s ashes, she spoke those words.

For years, Donald Widener had made her and her entire family’s lives hell.

She was about to dump her ex-husband’s ashes into the trash. Yes, it was extreme.

But it no way compared to what Donald had put her and her kids through.

Before throwing him away, Marsha had asked all of her ex-husband’s family members if they had wanted to own the ashes.

All of them refused. He had been that bad. In fact, Donald’s children requested for Marsha to dump the ashes in the gutter or the toilet.

But then Marsha came up with the idea of dumping Donald into the trash.

Her reasoning was that the trash was a much more suitable place for Donald to end up, as he had driven a garbage truck for most of his adult life.

“So we’re sending him back to the landfill today.” – Marsha Widener.

First, Marsha dumped the plastic box that had held the ashes into the trash can.

Then she tipped the open bag forward, letting a small amount of her ex-husband out and into the garbage.

She explained that this first bit was for all the times he kicked her in the head.

But when the ashes hit the base of the trash can, little puffs of Donald came back into the air and got into Marsha’s face. She fanned the tiny bits of ash away.

Then Marsha “accidentally” tipped some of her ex-husband’s ashes onto the ground.

So then she began stamping onto the ashes, mixing them into the dirt.

Once Donald was all smashed into the dirt, she went back to the trash can with the last of the remains.

She proceeded to dump them all into the dumpster. She then bid Donald goodbye with an, “Adios amigos!”

Marsha uploaded the footage of her dumping her ex-husband into the trash can onto YouTube. It has since made quite an impact.

To date, it has gained over 300,000 views. It also has more than 2,300 likes and 1,000 comments. People have been saying things like this:

Some may think that Marsha is being too harsh. But she had had to put up with so much abuse. She already mentioned being kicked in the head. But there was so much else.

At the time, she was four months pregnant and their two-year-old child was in the room.

Donald then proceeded to beat Marsha for refusing to have sex with the man. No wonder she wanted to dump his ashes into the trash.

Marsha is an unconventional person, who has coped with her former abuser in an unconventional way. But after what she has been through, no one should judge her.

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