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As mama dog prepares for labor, papa dog refuses to leave her side

When animals choose their mates, is it possible that there’s some sort of romantic love involved in their decision-making? Or to put it simply, can dogs fall in love the way humans do?

If you think not, then this video might just change your mind.

There’s a video on TikTok that went viral with over 700,000 likes and 5,000 shares.

It went viral because it tugged the netizens’ hearts not only with how adorable it was but also the fact that this is something we rarely see from animals.

The video shows a pregnant dog preparing for labor, but the main highlight here is the presence of the father beside his mate. It’s quite unusual, but at the same time, heart-melting.

This dog sticks around for his pregnant mate and it just tugs our heartstrings.

Male dogs usually leave their mates alone when they are about to go to labor.

They just have no reason to be there after all. However, this one does not.

In fact, it looks like a scene in the hospital where the man accompanies her woman in the labor room.

Not only this sweet dog accompanies his mate, but he also stays and leans his head on the momma’s womb.

He probably noticed the stress on the pregnant dog as she prepares for her labor, that’s why he decided to stay there and snuggle with her.

The soon-to-be momma dog feels at ease from his mate’s presence.

Momma dogs usually hide from others and go looking for their own nest, sometimes they get more stressed if they’re being watched not only by the father as well as people. They might even get angry when someone goes near their nest.

However, in the video, she’s relatively fine with her mate. In fact, even though she is panting hard because of the contractions, she looks calm and reassured with his mate accompanying her.

It’s even way sweeter when this dog tries his best to involve himself even after the puppies are born.

You’d see him being there staying near the nest where his partner is nursing their litter. These puppies sure are lucky to have a caring father.

Male dogs and their paternal instincts.

They’re not like us who feel like they had to be there to assist their mates in life during this very stressful event.

Dogs, and most animals, are incapable of understanding the fatherly responsibilities that humans have.

Even when the puppies are born, the father won’t be there most of the time or even involve themselves in any way.

Although, it’s a bit different from their ancestors, domesticated dogs today don’t quite match the way their ancestors handle this situation. Male wolves would always be around their mate to protect her and the litter.

They even had to hunt for them at the same time. However, maybe since dogs are used to in an environment where they mostly rely on us, that paternal responsibility has become almost non-existent.

If this isn’t true love, I don’t know what is.

Even though we don’t share the notion of love with our dogs or other animals, they do display their love in different ways.

They are capable of forming bonds with their owners, other animals, and most importantly to their dog partners.

Some dogs even have only one partner in their lifetime. This video is just proof that this kind of paternal love exists in our canine best friends.

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