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Baby Elephant Steals Sugarcane From Passing Trucks

Food is something most creatures are willing to do anything for.

With their long trunks, unique personalities, and friendly demeanors, it is undeniable that elephants are a favorite species among other mammals.

On one fine day in Thailand, a baby elephant decided to make a little scene in the middle of the road.

Auan-tia is a local young elephant who has spent his life at the sanctuary nearby.

The baby elephant is looking for some sugarcane, and he definitely knows just where to find it.

Auan-tia manages to get his trunk under the tarpaulin of the first truck, but he comes out empty-handed.

The third truck passes by and the baby elephant immediately grabs not one, but two trunks full of yummy sugarcanes.

The drivers come to a halt and let the baby elephant enjoy his snack. They probably don’t want an annoyed hungry elephant chasing after them on the road.

Good thing he has not told his other elephant friends about his escapade. There may not be any sugarcane left for all the other elephants.

Watch Auan-tia’s hilarious video as a toll collector in the video below.

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