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Baby rabbits think golden retriever is their new mom – and the loving dog is happy to oblige

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Bailey the golden retriever may be the luckiest dog in the world.

She was already best friends with her rabbit housemate. Then the rabbit had babies!

When Bailey’s rabbit roommate gave birth, the dog was overjoyed to see the babies.

Bailey had known that the rabbit was pregnant, so it wasn’t exactly a surprise when one day, she walked in to find the rabbit cuddling with a group of newborns.

She respected the rabbit mother and set her head down nearby to watch over them.

At one point, she kissed the rabbit mother, as if to say, “Well done!”

As the days passed and the babies grew, Bailey was with them every step of the way.

In fact, she was around them so much, that the babies ended up treating the dog like a second mother.

When the rabbits turned five days old, they started hopping around.

Bailey had an amazing reaction to this. She was so shocked and delighted to see one of the babies suddenly become more mobile.

Then the mother rabbit went up to Bailey for a hug, just like two parents who had seen their baby take their first steps.

Soon, all the babies began hopping back and forth with ease.

Both Bailey and the rabbit mom were delighted to see their babies reach this milestone.

But Bailey became happiest when the babies were old enough to play.

At 20 days old, the rabbits were confidently exploring their home.

And whenever they wanted to, they knew they could hop around Bailey, and she would try to push them in a friendly way.

But one video really highlighted the connection that Bailey and the rabbits had made.

The video showed the babies sleeping under Bailey. Bailey also licked the babies clean.

And just when the video seemingly couldn’t get any cuter, a budgie bird showed up and played with the dog and rabbits.

This video soon went viral on YouTube. In less than three weeks, it has gained over 7.5 million views.

It also has more than 221,000 likes and 12,000 comments. People have been saying things like this:

In the days and weeks following this video, Bailey’s owner has kept the world updated with Bailey and the rabbits’ happenings.

The babies grew closer to the budgie. But, of course, their connection can never be as strong as the one they have with Bailey.

And then one day, Bailey even fed the baby rabbits some carrots from the yard.

It sounds like a cartoon, but it actually happened (although Bailey did do the majority of the eating.)

Bailey has been a YouTube star since she was a puppy. But her maternal relationship with the baby rabbits has given her a whole new level of fame.

Before the rabbits arrived, Bailey’s most popular video was of her going to the vet when she was a puppy.

This video has gained almost 2 million views so far.

So the world already loved Bailey. But now that she’s taken the baby rabbits under her wing, the world loves her even more.

Hopefully, Bailey and the rabbits will have many years of playing with each other ahead of them.

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