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Baby Smiles When Mom Sings To Her

Many will agree that the innocence of a child is something immensely precious and heartwarming.

We were all born without prejudice, love in our hearts, and a sense of absolute wonder, and this is why there are so many viral videos of cute and precious things that infants and young children do or say—the video below, filmed in Coimbra, Portugal, is no different.

In it, you will see the most adorable little infant sitting pretty in its mother’s arms with its hand comfortably resting on its chin, as if to show its sheer fascination and amazement.

The mother then begins to sing a well-known children’s song in Portuguese to her daughter, and as she does, the baby’s eyes simply light up, and a smile spreads across its face.

We haven’t seen something so beautiful—and the YouTube community wholeheartedly agrees, with comments such as: “Mommy and baby, best love in the world,” “The baby was looking the mom like: ‘mom do you know you’re the best mom in the world?’” and, “Aww, the little hand under the chin, is beyond adorable.”

It was not just the happy tune that caused her baby to smile, but her mother’s kisses too! During and after her angelic singing, she gives her baby a sweet kiss which causes her to smile even more! Now if this isn’t pure love and adoration, I don’t know what is!

I think this is a great way for mom and baby to bond. You’re spending quality time with your little one while exposing him/her to the arts.

Kids usually love music and it’s great when it’s a song coming from mom or dad!

Give this entirely adorable video below a watch and be sure to like and share the magical moment with your family and friends—especially the new mothers in your life and those who love a great feel-good video.

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