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Baby Twins Capture Hearts As They Smile While Cuddling During A Nap

It’s always double the fun with double sources of joy in the family.

Best Friends For Life

One of the best things about having a twin is having someone who can relate to you in most things.

People started to love Sara and Sofia Tobon when Unilad uploaded a video of them smiling while cuddling during a nap.

Even before birth, twins have already started finding comfort in each other’s arms, and although they already have a lot of space now, they still prefer to be close.

Despite being surrounded by a lot of stuffed toys, the twins are evidently content just with each other’s presence.

Tiny Smiles From Tiny Humans

From time to time, the babies would glance at the camera then smile as if expressing the comfort they’ve been feeling.

The Traveling Twins

Sara and Sofia were only two years old when they’ve already traveled to Italy, Spain, and Greece.

Those who’ve seen the video of the Tobon twins cuddling are torn between wanting and not wanting to have twins.

Raising twins might be a handful, but just seeing how adorable they are together relieves all the tiredness.

Watch the Tobon twins’ adorable video of cuddling while taking a nap in the video below.

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