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Best man has wardrobe malfunction and church can’t hold it together

The best man at a wedding can be the life of the party, but that is usually at the reception and not during the ceremony.

This best man did not get this notice and made the groom uncontrollably start laughing during the actual wedding ceremony.

As it goes, once a person starts laughing at an inappropriate time it becomes even harder to stop.

So, what did this best man do to make the groom start uncontrollably laugh.

This best man’s pants dropped right in the middle of the wedding ceremony.

His pants did not do a little sagging fall, the pants completely hit the floor.

The groom was hooked up to a microphone so everyone could hear his immediate laughing reaction.

The maid of honor and bride were quickly swept up in the unexpected laughter as the best man straightened out his pants.

The officiant makes a quick joke to go a long with the moment and then tried to go back into the serious moment.

Yet, this groom was not quite ready to stop his giggles.

“That’s classic,” the groom states and tries to laugh it off.

The groom tries his best to pull it together but every time he settles down a bit, the memory reappears in his mind and he is lost in laughter again.

The groom tells his bride to grab the ring from his best man before “they die” with laughter and not be able to get back into the seriousness of their wedding ceremony.

It was good advice but it was advice he could not take for himself.

He keeps finding himself laughing, but when he tries to hide his laughter it only comes out more.

The officiant steps back into serious mode and has the bride, Justine, repeat her vows before putting the ring on her groom.

When the groom thinks he has finally gotten over his giggles, his bride finds herself not being able to stop herself from laughing through her own vows.

This causes another round of contagious laughter through the wedding guests and groom.

If there is any way to start a fun marriage, it might be through laughing together during their vows.

This might be a sign that these newlyweds will continue laughing through life together.

This bride and groom are wiping away tears of laughter during their vows, they might be the first to do so!

The best man’s accidental antics started the ruckus, so he decided to step in and try to reign the laughter under control. He taps the groom on the back, but this just creates new laughter.

“Don’t talk to me, I’m dying,” the groom tells the best man through his laughter.

The wedding officiant realizes that the laughter is not going to end anytime soon. So, he decides to go with it.

The officiant announces it is time for a prayer.

Instead of trying to create a serious wedding prayer, he improvises a bit in the beginning to fit the joyous mood.

He speaks of the importance of laughter and fun in life. It is a fitting start to a prayer for a groom and bride that cannot stop laughing.

Watch the full video below and see how quickly the groom’s laughter becomes contagious even for you!

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