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Betty White’s skit on SNL is comedy gold

It’s not often we can say “She passed way too soon” about a 99-year-old.”

It seems the entire world was looking forward to seeing Betty White celebrate her 100th birthday on January 17th.

While many were disheartened to hear the news that she passed away, there is still so much life that she lived!

Celebration is in order, it seems, and we have SO much content that is codified in digital archives that can bring us to tears laughing, and yes, even crying.

Let’s look through a video that shows one of the most hilarious moments this icon has given us!

SNL (Saturday Night Live) is an American Television show that has been on since 1975.

The show is filmed live (on Saturday night, if you can believe that) in front of a live audience.

They have a team of writers that usually create skits and monologues around current events.

Additionally, they bring in celebrities to play special roles in their skits.

Often, seeing a celebrity in a comedic role on SNL is part of the draw, especially when they have a skit that really hits home.

In 2013, SNL filmed a skit titled “Census Taker vs. Old Lady” and it featured… Betty White!

The skit follows a young woman (Tina Fey) who knocks on the door of an older woman (Betty White).

Her goal? To get down her info for the US Census Department.

When Betty appears in her blue robe, things get side-splitting.

They start off with introductions, but Betty is done with the conversation as soon as it starts!

Dealing with older people seems to be really tough as a government worker!

“You never returned your 2010 census form and I wanted to ask a few questions.”

“Ok dear, will I need a calculator? Cause I have one… although I took the batteries out…”

Clearly, this isn’t going to be easy.

Next up are some basic questions about her.

“How many people live here?”



“Oh, including me? Three.”

Beautiful writing. We’ve all had our interactions with the elderly before. Sometimes, things they say just don’t make sense!

Also, with where they are at in life, they don’t care if it doesn’t make sense – they don’t care much about anything you have to say, really!

The one that really gets me? The last name.

Tina Fey asks Betty White for her last name and her response is hilarious.


Fey, clearly confused, responds:

“Can you spell that for me?”

To which White responds:

“Of course. S-M-I-T-H.”

What makes this video so great is the energy that White brings to the entire skit!

You can have lines, sure, but adding your own energy to them? That takes a real pro.

With how long Betty was in the game, she was about as professional as it gets.

We truly wish that she was here with us a bit longer, but we sure are glad that she gave us as much as she did!

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