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Big Brother Won’t Let Go Of Sick Baby Sister

We all need a bit of TLC when life gets crazy.

When I feel run down or feel like I’m getting sick, a little extra kindness from the people I love goes a long, long way.

Sometimes we just have to take a small extra step to help those near and dear to us when they’re going through a hard time.

These parents are definitely doing something right because their little boy just went the extra mile to support his baby sister through her rough patch.

Good thing mom was nearby to snap this heartwarming moment between siblings.

Little sis was born with dwarfism, which makes her more vulnerable and prone to catching sicknesses.

It hits her harder than other people, and this time, when she was showing flu-like symptoms, she needed to be rushed to the hospital.

With the potential severity of the situation, the poor baby girl was having difficulty sleeping.

Sitting upright in the hospital room, big bro swooped in to scoop her up, cuddling her closely and gently rocking her to sleep, back and forth, slowly and calmly.

After all the commotion of not feeling well and having to be displaced from home to the hospital, he provided a safe, little comfortable nest for her to feel warm and loved.

This is such a sweet nurturing moment mom and dad can absolutely be proud of.

They are raising a loving, caring son who puts family first. His compassionate behavior plays an important role in helping her to heal and feel loved – it doesn’t look like he’ll be leaving her side anytime soon!

Click below to see the whole moment between big bro and little sis.

What a blessing to have a sweet brother-sister relationship like this one.

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