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Big guy makes the crowd scream when he starts to move

When it comes to dancing, there’s no lack of talent.

It doesn’t matter if you’re watching a live performance of professional dancers or a high school event, it’s exciting to see so many people with a passion for and ability to dance.

An old saying

Surely, you’ve heard the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” That simply means that outward appearances are often deceiving.

A good example of this is Susan Boyle. She might’ve looked like a frumpy housewife but when she opened her mouth to sing, she sounded like an angel.

The same applies to dance

One of the biggest misconceptions about dance is that larger sized people can’t do it. Even if they try, they’re clumsy and awkward.

But that’s actually far from the truth. A lot of large people can heat things up on the dance floor just as good, if not better, than those of “normal” size.

An event to remember

At one particular formal event, something happened that people couldn’t believe.

They were so mesmerized they couldn’t take their eyes off the dance floor. Well, more like they couldn’t take their eyes off the guy dancing on the dance floor.

A perfect song

Sure, there are all kinds of incredible songs to dance to.

But one that just about everyone loves is “Great Balls of Fire” performed by Jerry Lee Lewis. Considering it’s fast and furious, anyone who dances to is has to be able to do some pretty fancy footwork.

Larger than life

With guests standing and sitting around the edge of the dance floor, a beautiful woman in a sexy gold-colored dress comes out.

She’s stunning. But it’s her partner that gets all the attention. There he is, a large man wearing black slacks and a dress white shirt.

The music starts

From the second the song “Great Balls of Fire” begins to play, this guy starts to move.

Undoubtedly, people expected nothing spectacular due to his size. But he fooled them all. This man could dance.

Trying to keep up

He was so good and accurate with his feet that at several times during the song, it looked as though his female partner was having a tough time keeping with him.

His size didn’t stop him one bit from pulling off some fantastic moves.

So impressive

Not only did he twirl his partner but she also twirled him. He even spun around on one foot as though it was nothing.

And boy, did those hips move. We don’t know what his background is but somewhere, he had to have taken dance lessons. He’s that good.

He stole the show

Throughout the entire dance, people were stunned yet super excited. He captured their attention from the second the music started and held it through the entire song.

He might be large but he was extremely light on his feet.

Such an inspiration

This video, which has now garnered more than three million views, should serve as an inspiration to people of all sizes.

If you love to dance, then get out on the dance floor. You might not be as good as this guy but who cares. Along with being a blast, dance is a great form of exercise.

You can watch this man in action by clicking on the video below.

You’ll be amazed at his skill level and the amount of fun he has dancing.

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