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Boy breaks into tears when he sees his lost dog after 8 months

When you are raised with a dog, you are basically best friends, no matter what.

Many families have a dog before they have a kid, meaning the first one to meet a new baby at home is a wet-nosed protector!

That special relationship is something not easily broken. A kid and their dog are thick as thieves and usually tight friends.

One boy hadn’t given up hope on his dog.

Rocco Risso is an 11-year-old boy who missed his dog.

Jack (the dog) had gone missing 8 months ago and was assumed gone.

For a family to lose a dog is a horrible thing. Imagining that your best friend is out there alone, scared, and lost isn’t easy.

Since dogs are such big pieces of a family, losing one is never, ever easy.

After 8 months, most people lose hope.

For a dog that goes missing, the clock usually starts ticking the day they leave.

It is really tough to make it out there alone. Depending on where you live, it can be a life or death situation in a matter of days for the dog.

Outside of food and water, cars and other people sometimes aren’t nice either!

When Jack had gone missing for 8 months, most families would have given up.

No matter the circumstances, Rocco refused to give up.

Month after month returned nothing in the search for Jack.

Rocco lived in Argentina and Jack could be anywhere by this point.

Finally, some news came in. A family friend had seen a dog that looked like Jack hanging around a gas station recently.

They couldn’t be sure, but it looked pretty familiar to him.

Getting closer to the dog, it dawned on him.

It was a huge reality all at once – this was Jack! After 8 months of living on the streets, Jack was officially spotted!

The friend got Jack in the car and called the family with the incredible news.

Once the family confirmed it was Jack, they decided to put in a special plan to surprise Rocco.

The moment that was captured on video might bring a tear to your eye.

After months of no news, Rocco’s mom called his name and told him to come outside.

Walking around the doorway, Rocco stopped dead in his tracks when he saw who was waiting for him outside – it was Jack!

Running forward and embracing the dog, the two rolled around on the ground.

Sometimes words just aren’t enough! The two met in the middle of the yard and Jack got the biggest hug he probably ever had!

Rocco immediately started weeping into his friend’s fur.

They both seemed happy to see each other and Jack seemed to understand the gravity of the situation.

After a quick hug from mom, Rocco got to play with his friend for the first time in nearly a year.

Getting in a good cry session (as you do), Rocco gave his mom and hug and then turned his attention to what needed to happen next – playtime!

After such a long time, he just needed to make sure that Jack remembered how to play.

Tapping on his chest and telling him to jump up, it seemed the two would be spending the next few days together, completely inseparable.

Check out the video below!

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