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Boy gets bullied by classmates so 200 tough bikers escort him to school

Bullying is one of the worst things that can happen to a child.

But imagine what Xander Rose’s bullies thought when he showed up to school one day with 200 bikers in tow.

It’s so important for parents to teach their kids to accept others. If not, then they can say and do awful things to other children.

Xander Rose was the target of bullies.

The other kids noticed that he had a different skin tone. So they thought that that was a good reason to make fun of him.

And then they learned that his last name was Rose, like the flower. So they decided that that meant that he needed to be made fun of even more.

Xander Rose shared:

“There’s been a lot of racial comments, sexual comments. A lot. It’s not good.”

Naturally, Xander wanted to get away from this torment.

So he started making excuses to avoid school. In fact, he would hardly leave his bedroom.

Xander’s mom decided to reach out to the school. Sadly, the school board was practically useless.

They did nothing to stop the bullies from making fun of Xander.

Next, the mom asked the police for help, but couldn’t get help from them either. She thought that she had nowhere else to turn.

Then she had a wild idea. She reached out to a biker group to see if they could help.

The bikers heard about Xander’s story. And they felt for him.

After all, society often tries to paint bikers in a negative light. They could really relate to what Xander was going through.

So the bikers started reaching out to all of their friends and sharing Xander’s story. Soon, bikers all over the city wanted to help Xander out.

A biker told reporters:

“We’re gonna provide them with a wall of leather and steel. We want the kids to know they’re safe going to school.”

So one Monday, the kids arrived to a shocking sight. 200 motorcycles were heading towards the school. Among them was Xander.

The bikers then escorted Xander to the entrance of the school. The message was clear to all of the bullies: if you make fun of Xander, then you’re making fun of all of his tough biker friends.

And the great news is that the stunt worked.

The bullies have backed off. In fact, now Xander looks forward to school – and it’s all thanks to the bikers and his mom.

And the bikers were more than keen to show support for other kids who were suffering from bullying.

They made it known that they would back up any kid who was going through a tough time.

Xander’s story then appeared on YouTube, where it soon made an impact.

To date, the story has gained over 700,000 views on CBC News’ channel. It also has more than 8,000 likes and 600 comments.

Clearly, many people have been impressed with the bikers’ work. Hopefully, it will encourage others to do something about bullying.

Every year children take their own lives because of bullying.

This is incredibly tragic. School should be a place where children feel safe and are encouraged to be the best that they can be.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for so many. And kids are cutting their lives short because of it. It’s terrible, and we all need to be like these bikers.

Press play on the video below to see the big-hearted bikers escort Xander to school!

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