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Boy sees elderly neighbor outside and realizes she’s in desperate need of help

After 6-year-old Dorian noticed the woman’s odd behavior he didn’t hesitate to take action.

In hero stories, you’ll often hear someone say, “I was in the right place, at the right time.” But in addition to that, it’s also about acting fast and knowing what to do.

A six-year-old named Dorian Beshara proved it’s the perfect combo after helping his elderly neighbor during an emergency.

Not only was he in the right place, at the right time – the boy used quick-thinking as well!

It started out as just a typical day . . .

It all began with just a regular day at his grandma’s house on the east coast in New Hampshire.

He was just casually looking out the window when he noticed his grandma’s neighbor by her birdbath.

Little Dorian and his neighbor had been friends since he was born and he was about to put his friendship into action for her.

His grandma’s neighbor was 84-years-old and he knew her well.

And she knew just the way into Dorian’s heart and usually had a piece of candy, a hug, and always made it a priority to see him when he came to visit.

But on this particular day when Dorian looked out the window, he realized something was off and got a strange feeling.

The little boy quickly realized something wasn’t right.

He noticed her actions were different and that she was trying to get little Dorian’s attention.

Right then the little boy knew he needed to get her help as fast as he could.

He later told WCVB 5:

“I was looking to see if Dot Beal was in the front yard so I could say hi. I knew she broke something, so I called my dad and uncle and told them to go over.”

Of course, they ran right over and immediately called 911 for assistance.

Thankfully Dorian was there to get her help because it was quickly discovered she had broken her back while bending over in her yard.

In a great deal of pain, it was necessary she got medical attention as swiftly as possible. Dorothy told WCBV she felt that Dorian was her only hope for help.

“I bent over and heard my back crack and it hurt real bad, so I motioned for Dorian to come.”

And thankfully the little boy was astute enough to realize she was in need of help and took further action to find adults to assist her.

He most certainly became Dorothy’s hero that day and no doubt she will be forever thankful to him for it.

Not only were his parents very proud of him, so were the firefighters who responded to the call.

Dorian’s father always told him that young children can do more than people think and this day Dorian proved him right.

Little kids can do so much more than they get credit for. I”m the proudest father ever.

Little Dorian has become her special “guardian angel.”

Since that fateful day, Dorothy and Dorian are friends more than ever.

Dorothy says that since the accident they have seen each other even more as Dorian knows he can be her “special guardian” looking out for her as best he can.

“We are buddies. He watches out for me. He knocks on the door and comes to visit, and then he goes on his way.”

This story really does prove that heroes come in all sizes. It’s also a reminder that we should always be watching out for each other, especially our elderly neighbors.

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