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Boy who spent 11 years in care with 15 families can’t believe when couple say they want him

Growing up in foster care isn’t pretty.

When you’re required to live with one family after another, it’s hard to guess what’s how life’s going to be for you in the future.

Even if you think you’ve found a family who’ll take care of you forever, the story could change anytime.

Since he was 3 years old, Alex had been in the foster care system.

He’s moved around several times. In fact, within 11 years, Alex had lived in 15 different foster families.

Along the way, the boy lost trust in adults.

It’s hard to blame him for feeling that way. The boy just wanted a family who’ll keep him for good. But after a few weeks, he’d be forced to live in a different family.

Alex had little long-term connections.

The people who have entered his life also exited quite quickly. Because of that, he felt like he could never settle.

Then, a couple heard his story from Jeff Gianola’s Wednesday Child.

Right after seeing the boy, Jenny and Stephen Madkour connected with him. They felt something special about Alex.

They shared:

“Anybody who’s seen that video of Alex, his core awesome comes out in that video,” Jenny said in her interview.

“It was such a great thing, the way Jeff Gianola talked to him and Alex’s interaction with him, it really gave us a glimpse of who Alex is.”

The boy’s caseworkers at the Boys and Girls Aid told him about the couple.

At first, he didn’t believe them. In his mind, they were just trying to fool him.

But it was different.

The couple met Alex right before Thanksgiving. And right before Christmas, they asked him to move in with them.

Jenny and Stephen were concerned about the shortage of foster homes in Oregon.

When they learned about it, they wanted to help right away. With an extra bedroom, they thought about opening up their home to an older child.

Now that they found Alex, they won’t be letting go.

The couple knew that the boy belonged to them right after seeing him. It was just so hard to ignore the connection.

They started working on his adoption papers.

Alex was so happy to learn about it. Even if they’re a happy family now, he still couldn’t believe it.

Alex shared:

“I didn’t think I was going to find a forever home this good.”

His story has touched thousands of people’s hearts.

A YouTube user who watched his story commented:

“What a lovely boy, bless him. He’s bouncing around unselfconsciously like a younger child. It’s as if he’s getting a loving childhood back. I hope he knows nothing but happiness and love for the rest of his life.”

Another one said:

“I’m so happy that Alex’s story defied the typical outcome for a teen in foster care. It gives me a warm feeling seeing how much love is there.”

A viewer also commented:

“This is so beautiful. What a lovely couple. I can’t even imagine the comfort that young man feels just knowing that it’s ok now…he has something solid.”

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