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Boys choir turns tables on Christmas song and hilarity ensues

While many of us hung up our choir robes years ago, there is still some fun in remembering the “good old days” back in high school!

Depending on the school you went to, choir may have even been a required elective that you took, especially if you went to a private school.

The dozens of unremarkable performances that all our parents sat through is astonishing to comprehend.

For one high school group, unremarkable performances aren’t allowed!

It was Christmas time in the US when a group of students at Shawnee Mission East High decided they had enough.

They weren’t going to give another boring choir performance and make their parents pay for it!

Students in the school’s boys choir had a plan to bring some holiday cheer with their songs AND make the whole room roar with laughter.

The performance starts off exactly as you would expect.

The group of about thirty-five teens are all standing at attention in their blue choir robes.

The choir director starts the music, and the piano player begins! The boys open up with “Deck The Halls,” and everything is as it should be.

Then, the screen flashes an announcement that catches the views by surprise!

For everyone not watching the event live, we get a little tip into what is about to happen.

From the boy’s faces, you wouldn’t’ have any idea that something is about to change.

All of a sudden, the piano picks up, and the William Tell Overture starts playing!

The classic “horse race song” plays, and all the boys jump to the side and pretend to gallop away!

The change is so sudden that the entire audience starts laughing before knowing what to do with themselves. Then, as soon as they start, they stop!

They go back to singing their original song…until!

They all pretend to play the piano to Beethoven’s 5th Symphony! The group even goes so far as to break up into smaller groups to “play” certain parts of the song on queue.

Then, once again, they go right back to singing “Deck The Halls,” just like nothing happened at all.

With trick after trick, the choir turned a potentially boring performance into an absolutely hilarious one!

The second last one is probably the best one. The right side of the choir “pushes” the left side down, and they all fall over without stopping their singing! Like a wave, they tumble down in time with the music.

You need to make sure you watch it for yourself!

These hilarious dudes did such a great job with the entire performance.

They didn’t just sing well, they acted well, too! As a result, they ended up earning themselves over 330k views on YouTube and just as many laughs.

You can’t watch it without chuckling a bit!

The message in this video is even more true than ever.

Just because this probably won’t be the most “conventional” Christmas we’ve had, we can still find joy and have fun through it all.

Heck, if you can turn a choir recital into a funny event that parents actually want to go to, anything is possible.

Check out their awesome video below!

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