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Brave man leaps into the water to save a 375-pound black bear from drowning

He didn’t worry about his safety at all. He was just determined to help an animal in need.

What would you do if you saw a black bear in the water?

Would you swim towards it or go in the opposite direction?

How about if you learned that the bear was drowning? Would you be brave enough to save it?

The wildlife officers from Florida received a report about a bear who had been roaming around the area.

The team tried to put the bear to sleep before transporting him to the rescue area.

They had already prepared the tranquilizer for the operation and set their trip toward where the bear was last seen.

Upon firing the tranquilizer, the bear started to panic and ran away from the group.

The rescue team was able to shoot the dart properly, but the black bear was quick enough to get away.

The bear didn’t know what was happening and was scared. So it ran towards the ocean to escape them. H

The bear started to swim, but the medication had already started to set in.

Sightings of black bears have been increasing for the past few years.

They are usually wary of the presence of people, and the presence of possible food sources attracts them to return to certain areas.

It’s advised not to keep foods they can access outside, or else they’ll keep returning.

Proper management of food and garbage are key to the harmonious coexistence of both human and bears.

Knowing the black bear could drown, biologist Adam Warwick acted out of instinct.

Adam jumped into the water and swam toward the black bear.

He did what he knew would help the poor bear, even though it meant he would also be at risk.

Warwick did not think twice when it came to rescuing the poor bear.

As he tried to reach out to save the black bear, the bear pounced on him.

Good thing the sedative had already started to put him to sleep.

Adam arrived at just the right time as the bear could no longer swim on its own.

The biologist swam towards the shore while carrying the almost 400-pound bear.

Despite the attempted attack that happened while he was trying to rescue the bear, Adam only suffered from minor scratches.

The bear was fully asleep when the two reached the shoreline.

It could be that the bear was both exhausted and medicated from the tranquilizer.

Thumbs up to Adam for being committed during the rescue operation!

Once they were able to secure the bear on the coast, the team started to follow the necessary protocol to be able to transfer him to the facility.

The bear was eventually transferred to Osceola National Forest.

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