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Bride tells blind groom “Feel my dress” at alter making him cry when he touches it

Unbeknownst to Anthony, his bride had designed a special wedding dress for him because he was blind.

True love knows no bounds. That is no more apparent when one partner goes out of their way to meet the needs of the other.

For one couple, their expression of love wasn’t just something that people could see; it was one that could be felt.

Kelly Anne and Anthony Ferraro met through a group of friends in New Jersey.

After they met, the two decided to go on a date. While we might say it was love at first sight, that would exactly be true.

Anthony is blind, and for Kelly Anne, it wasn’t a deal-breaker at all – it was an opportunity for her to be creative!

“She’s like, ‘Well you can’t see me, so I’ve got to wear something that feels nice.’ No one thought to do that, like ever,” Anthony Ferraro said.

Kelly Anne decide to wear a velvet dress for their first date because it felt nice to touch.

When she told her sister, she laughed!

“I remember my sister making fun of me, because I was like, ‘I’m going to wear a velvet dress so he can feel it.’

She was like, ‘That is so corny, he’s not actually going to feel your dress just because he’s blind.’ I was like, ‘No he might, you don’t know,’” said Kelly Ferraro.

“Then it ended up being something that was so important to him.”

For the couple, it was a defining moment in their relationship.

The two, from that moment on, were inseparable. When the two would travel together, Kelly would describe the landscape in stunning detail so Anthony could experience it in his own way. As Anthony said, she literally became his eyes for the world.

As things do, their love progressed to the point where they wanted to get married.

The day had arrived and Kelly didn’t just want to do the traditional white dress that most brides wore.

Instead, she wanted to throwback to their first date.

Kelly had an idea that was going to make the day 1000x better for her partner and consequently, go viral!

When the two finally met at the altar, Kelly took his hands and put them on her dress.

The shock on his face was real!

“She’s like, I’m here, I’m here, feel my dress,’” he said. “My mind was blown, I started crying.

It was just like I was able to see Kelly. That was the best part.

I was able to feel her dress. When I was feeling the dress, it was just painting this image of an angel in my mind, and it was just so beautiful.”

Kelly had a specially designed tactile dress made for their wedding.

The dress allowed Anthony to feel her in a way that no other dress could.

Anthony explained how it made him feel like he was touching an angel! As a matter of fact, he was!

As you can imagine, it was ALL tears after that.

After a quick cry sesh, the couple got married and went on their happy way.

It was a beautiful moment to see AND to feel – exactly as Kelly had hoped it would be.

Love isn’t just about a feeling, it’s about action and sacrifice!

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