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Brother walks sister out on dance floor to give judges performance to remember

The swing dance became a huge hit back from the 1920s to the 1940s, which they also refer to as the “swing era”.

Though we are now in the 20th century, swing dance is still being performed in social gatherings, special occasions, and dance competitions.

Swing dance, as we all know it, requires body control and swift movements, all the while keeping up with a lively beat of swing music.

The preservation of the dance has been successful because of the countless groups and people who’ve been promoting the dance up to this date.

Like these two. Jack and Jasmine Willis, dancing in the 6-13 Young America category are unbelievable. If the last name strikes a chord, then you probably know the Willis clan.

When they say it runs in the blood, well, it sure does! These dancing siblings are ridiculously talented!

And the song they chose to dance to? That’s big sister singing with the others playing the instruments.

No, really. This family is really popular. Skills and good looks all in one clan? Absolutely. Yes, please!

Have you ever seen such talented kids? These kids are on fire!

Very jazzy, it’s like a flashback to the days of the big band era when everyone’s casually dressed up, the nights were young, and people were lively dancing under the moonlight.

A viewer minced nothing but words of praises to these incredibly talented kids.

“What I don’t understand is how this family can be so absolutely amazing at everything.

I mean it is absolute perfection in every artistic form.”

We’re wondering too. Jack is smooth. So smooth he looks like he’s gliding on butter.

And Jasmine, goodness, this little lady can twirl! What a treat to watch.

While this one looks forward to more years of dancing from Jack and Jasmine.

“I’m completely in love with these guys – I’m sure they’ll be ones to watch in a few years!! Hurrrah for the young america category!”

The Swing is a lively, social dance with a lot of spins. It is a very cool and hip dance form loved by many ages.

Jack and Jasmine’s are a slower paced form as compared to the usual high energy party style commonly associated with the dance.

But hey, look at these two tear up that dance floor. Even the audience is amazed.

And don’t dare underestimate these kids, they can also pull-off the hard tricks. Watch Jasmine’s mid-air flip – on the beat!

Drop to half a squat, shift their weight from left to right while on their knees like the pros? You bet!

She can strut, spin, and split with the best of them all while Jack does his cool, macho part. Stunned yet?

As the performance goes on, the routine seems to get more complicated and fascinating.

A combination of fancy footwork, throw in a few spins and dips in there, and they got themselves a very wide-eyed audience. Pure talent.

And wouldn’t you know it? A thunderous and boisterous standing ovation for Jack and Jasmine. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s how you steal a show.

There’s no such thing as “too early” when it comes to talent.

In Jasmine and Jack’s case, they sure have proven to us all that kids of their age can also conquer the dance floor.

Watch the video below and be amazed by Jack and Jasmine’s Swing skills!

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